Attuning Through Touch Drawing at the Fairy Congress

by Deborah Koff-Chapin, June 2012

Deborah Koff-ChapinIt was such a blessing to return for my second year at the Fairy Congress. I love to be in a sacred setting and bring form to the subtle beings through Touch Drawing. Touch Drawing is a simple yet deep way of drawing with the touch of fingertips on paper that is laid upon a smooth surface of paint. The pressure of fingertips forms lines on the underside. The speed and directness of this process allows for a more direct transmission of the felt sense onto the page. This year, I also brought materials with me so others could begin to experience this integrative creative process! You can find out more about Touch Drawing at www.touchdrawing.com.

I did Touch drawing in several different settings. This first group was created during Orion Foxwood’s workshop ‘Earthly Love and the Harmony of Heaven;Techniques for Humanity to Bridge Universal Love to the Planetary World’. As he was speaking, I was translating the concepts and feeling-tone of his message into images.

Later that evening, I was sitting in the dining tent as the storm began to roll in. Just as the rains began, I ran to Sky Lodge where I had left my drawing materials. As the power of the storm emerged, I decided to stay there and rolled out fresh paint onto my board. I drew throughout the thunder and lightening. This was such a wonderful and rare opportunity to draw in such an elemental fury!

Saturday afternoon I attended Brooke Medicine Eagle’s workshop Holiness and the Heart of Love: Good Relationship with the Essence of Life. Much of the time was spent moving in circle, but I drew during a time in which she was articulating her vision.

Saturday evening I was torn. Should I sit and draw or join the group? I decided to join the circle for the opening of the ritual with RJ Stewart and Anastacia. As the procession around the field began, I moved my drawing materials out into the center of the valley. I joined the amazing bubbling broth of people within the fairy circle, and then went back to my drawing board while the group ran out into the valley. I drew until dusk fell. As Nutella was walking by she spotted me sitting at my drawing board in the middle of the field. When I pulled the new drawing off the board, she gasped – she told me she has seen just this face earlier that morning, when she asked to see the deva of the valley.

It is a blessing to be able to share these drawings with you on the Fairy Congress Website! You can see a demonstration of Touch Drawing and much more at www.touchdrawing.com. I would love to hear any responses you have. You can contact me at center@touchdrawing.com

Deborah Koff-Chapin
July 2012


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