Why is the Fairy Congress moving in 2021?

Some thoughts by Skeeter.

So many of us are in love with the Fairy Congress.  It provides peak moments of our lives.   Many of us are in love with Skalitude, the land, the meadow, the trees, the mountains, bathed in fairy blessings.  While we are at the Fairy Congress we live and move and have our being within the consciousnesses of the Deva of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress and the Deva of Skalitude and the nature spirits in charge of the meadow, surrounding forest and overlooking mountain.

The Fairy Congress has so much family built into it. Every congress feels like a giant family reunion, and the more times you attend, the deeper the family becomes.  Some people have been coming for years, some come and go, some come only once. Will we lose the family if we leave Skalitude?  Our intention is that the family will grow.

The Fairy Congress is a voice for the fairy realms into the human realm. We have been nurtured for all these 20 years in our family nest.  In a sense it feels like the congress is going out into the world with a mission. A young adult as it were.  To serve the fairy/deva and Sidhe realms even more. There are tremendous forces for consciousness rising in humanity. The Fairy Congress and nature communicators are one aspect of this. We seek to commune and cooperate with these realms for the good of the whole planet and all its lifeforms and live waves, seen and unseen.  We hope the move will benefit the whole.

The Fairy Congress left Skalitude before and came back.  The first three congresses were held at Skalitude.  The 4th and 5th were held at Riversong Sanctuary on the Hood River near Hood River, Oregon.  Those were fantastic years, but Skalitude called us back.  In 2021 we are giving western Washington a try, but who knows, maybe we will want to go back to Skalitude again.  We are leaving on good terms.  The new owners, Benjamin Pixie, Maeyoka Brightheart, friends and children are great and are family.  And we aren’t gone yet.  Our  big 20th anniversary is coming up at Skalitude next June.

We seem to have plateaued or slightly declined in attendance for years now. We have to put out significant marketing energy every year to keep attendance where it is at. We had 300 attendance three times, all in the first 10 years.  Since then we have ranged from 225 to 275 (incarnate human) participants, with about 225 the last couple of years. Western Washington is where the bulk of our attendance comes from every year.  Singing Winds is about 15 minutes off I-5, about halfway between Seattle and Portland.  It is also closer for people flying into SeaTac and probably even quicker from the Portland airport. As a general rule between 10 and 20 of our participants fly in each year, many of them are presenters.

We have had some lovely support from people in the Methow valley and eastern Washington but we are excited to see how western Washington will work out.  Our hope is the fairy congress will grow in size, supporters, and influence.  Grow in magic.

So partly the move is a financial decision, but even more it is based on wanting to better serve the planet and the fairy realms.

The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is magic.  It influences the world.  It affects each one of the participants. The combined energy of all the participants from all of the realms is a source of magic for the world.  We are building neuron pathways between the realms for communication to flow.  The work we do makes it easier for those who follow.  The template is built.  Evolution follows. We are one step in a long chain.    Gratitude to our ancestors. Gratitude to our fairy allies.  Gratitude to Gaia.

I would like to acknowledge the lineage of much of our beliefs as being drawn from the indigenous people of the world and the various shamanic traditions.  Every indigenous people communicated with the lands, waters and creatures of their bioregion.  All parts of nature were imbued with spirit and there was communication with these nature intelligences.  Over the last millennia, indigenous people in many places around the world have undergone conquest and discrimination.  Their knowledge ridiculed as animism and superstition. The modern scientific mind does not acknowledge the spirit realms or fairies. The Fairy Congress welcomes and honors indigenous voices. The streams of knowledge represented at the congress are a mix of Celtic, shamanic, Western mystery traditions, wicca and contemporary experience.

The Spirit realms are available everywhere on Earth, wherever we roam. Wherever the Fairy Congress is held it can tap into the realms. We are all magic.

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