Where the Wild Things Are: Children at Fairy Congress

Supporting children and teens in their relationships with nature and the Fairy realms is the aim of the Kids and Teens programs. For the kids, providing opportunities to enhance their imaginations and to make friends is our focus. For the teens, learning to listen to their own inner guidance and develop relationships with healthy Fey energies, understanding the place for discernment, protection and boundaries in the other realms and this realm, and experiencing fellowship with other teens is the focus.

The kid’s area provides activities for children who are mature enough to be without their caring adult for 2 hours. As always, we will have planned activities during the adult workshop times. I have two very creative assistants with years of experience with children, who will be helping us.

One of the activities Mary and I are really excited about is that we will be making Fairy houses, hopefully both out on the land, and to take home. If you suspect that your child will want to bring theirs home, please bring a sturdy container such as a shoe box for transport.

Another activity we will have going all weekend is pretend play. I will have magical creatures and costumes available to support the play.

These on-going activities will be punctuated by the gifts of Tina Larkin MFA, an international musician, visual artist and educator who will be doing creative activities with the kids (visit her website at www.tinalarkin.net).  Check your schedule at Fairy Congress for times.

I, myself am a pediatric occupational therapist with a PhD in anthropology focusing on cross cultural child development. I am passionate about imaginative play. Given my job as coordinator of the children and teens, I will not be able to give individual attention to children with special needs, but if your child needs accommodations, please let me know, ahead of time if possible:  sarawyckoff01@gmail.com

Drop in volunteers are always welcome. Come play with us!!!!

Material needed (we have lots of art materials):

 Dress up clothing

 Magical animals

 Props for making magic

 Materials for Fairy houses, more focused on natural materials.

In the spirit of Play!


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