What Role do Sidhe Play in the World?

What role do Sidhe play in the world?

The main theme for the 2020 Fairy & Human Relations Congress is Building Alliances
for Earth Regeneration, but as our presenter lineup developed it became increasingly
clear that we have a powerful second theme of Working with the Sidhe. As a result I
posed the following question (on November 30) to various Fairy Congress presenters
who work with the Sidhe:

What role do Sidhe play in the world? And with nature?  How do they affect it?  What do they bring to the table when we are building alliances between the realms for Earth regeneration?

Here are their replies thus far (as of January 15, 2020)

David Spangler’s reply

A good question, Michael.  As I understand it, there is no one single function that the
Sidhe have, anymore than there is just one single function that Humanity has.  Different
Sidhe serve the world in various and different ways, just as people do.  The Sidhe with
whom I have had contact–Mariel’s group–seem to act as conduits for what I, not
knowing any better–would call “stellar” or “star” energies, which they add to the overall
energy field of the world.  They are also a group that is less involved with nature and
more involved with working on renewed cooperation and relationship with human
beings, with the objective of enabling us to work in greater partnership with Gaia.  In this
sense, they are definitely alliance-builders.

My understanding is that the Sidhe are essentially ‘differently incarnated’ human beings, so their relationship to the world, to nature spirits, and the like reflects what our role could be if we could operate from a whole and attuned place within us.  The various kingdoms of nature have their own evolutionary goals and trajectories, and one of the gifts that humans can offer is to create conditions that support and nourish those non-human but nevertheless Gaian goals.  I would assume that this is what the Sidhe do as well in their own way.
Hope this helps!


Robert J. Stewart’s reply:

Greetings, Michael! I have been thinking about your question…I think the last part about “what do they bring…when we are building alliances for Earth regeneration?” is the big question for us, at this time. My understanding of the faery races is that they react, and interact, according to what we have within us, especially in our emotions. They can live quite well without us, but we really need their alliance at this time.

Thus, if they react according to what we have within us, we must bring something positive into our building of relationship. If we only bring the negative, they may well increasingly respond with the negative from their perspective. This is why Anastacia and myself have our students and friends building lists of the new creatures and plants that are discovered (almost daily!) and the astonishing discovery of creatures thought be extinct, but in fact still alive…merely keeping themselves out of our reach. not only building lists, but naming the creature out loud, and meditating upon them and their implications for the future.

Affirming this hidden life in Nature is an important magical act…and if we bring our hopes and joys about such discoveries to our faery Allies, they will bring their hopes and joys to us. I also think that, under the right circumstances, we can work with our allies, joyfully, to move the world into a somewhat different path. To do this we must truly affirm, not merely wish from a place of despair.


Ron Hays reply:

Considering the question: “What role do the Sidhe play in the world”, I can only address it based upon my own connections with the Sidhe. When it comes to Humanity and the Sidhe what I overwhelming understand is that: We Are One People. The ancient progenitor of Humans and Sidhe came to this planetary star, Gaia, to
collaborate in the creation of the abundance of life, physical and subtle, that arises in this planetary sphere. We came with the capacity to infuse the life of this planet with the energies of the stars.

That’s not to say that we are the same people. In the performance of this wondrous work, some chose to inhabit the physical realm while others stayed behind, creating their own place of habitation. Humans and Sidhe diverged. From that split sprang the vast diversity of human and Sidhe expressions of life. Though one people, we are a multiplicity of manifestation. In answer to the role the Sidhe play, it varies. In human terms the role of a physician is quite different from that of a landscaper. However both care for living beings. Each human with a Sidhe connection may know the role of the Sidhe in a different and unique way.

The Sidhe that I collaborate with are members of a larger group that includes David Spangler’s contact, Mariel. These Sidhe seek to reestablish the Sidhe–Human connection. They hold to the ancient sacred mission of reconnecting with humanity. They wish to strengthen and expand the connections to enable Sidhe and Humanity to participate in the ancestral work that we embarked upon when we came to Gaia. The Sidhe remember how to wield the power of the stars. They wish to share this gift with we humans.

We live in a time of planetary transformation. A new Gaia is in an embryonic state. In embracing this gift they offer, we can participate in the unfolding of this new world. We can reclaim our wholeness and magic. As One People working together, we can bring the light of the stars to our world and craft alliances with all beings.


Camilla Blossom Bishop’s Reply

What I am drawn to share from your request is that the Fairy Congress is really the Sidhe Congress. We are working with them—the evolved fairy realms to remember and co-create partnerships that were lost when the realms were veiled, split apart. They are our ancestors, we are them, and we are relating to Sidhe as our kin, our family, our teachers in other dimensions. There really is no separation.

In the 5D which is here, now, there is no judgement about how humans behave. All is in
perfection as is.  This is how the Sidhe live and remind us how to live. They are helping us remember.


Jeremy Berg’s reply

In regards to your question (which is big and probably beyond my pay grade), I think the Sidhe offer two things to humanity at this time:

First; at least some of the Sidhe retain the ancient connection to our spiritual origins in the stars and the potential gift we bring (the whole of Humanity including the Sidhe) to our sentient planetary home – Gaia.

Second; for the most part the Sidhe are much more integrated and cooperative with the livingness of nature. In this respect they can help us relearn our connections to the life around us and reweave the relationship between humanity and nature.

The Sidhe offer other gifts too, like seeing the world once again as sacred and magical
but I think the first two issues are key.

And I’m sure there is much more to the story. I’m just one person with my own experience working with the Sidhe. Others like you and others like those who are coming to the Fairy congress this year, have more to add.


Jaap Van Etten’s reply:

A very important question, however, not easy to answer in a couple of paragraphs. Let
me give it a try.

Every conscious system has an inherent tendency to evolve. So, that also applies to the Earth. At a certain moment, when she was ready, she invited souls to support the evolutionary process of the Earth through co-creation. The souls that came are the common ancestors of the Sidhe, inner earth people and us, humans. To understand the consciousness and the process these souls went through, we need to study the grids and fields connected to the Earth. That tells us that there are 12 levels of consciousness. These levels are connected to different energy/consciousness layers of the Earth, resulting in the four different worlds about which many indigenous tribes talk, and so does the qabalah. Over time, souls have explored all these levels and worlds. To put it simply, each world still exists. They are out of phase with each other and with our world, and so, they are “invisible” to us. We live in the fourth world, the world dominated by the elemental power of earth, leading to a focus on “I need to feel safe.” The Sidhe still live in the second world and the third world. Most inner earth people are also living in the third, with some in the fourth and some in the second. Studying grids, vortexes and lines tells us this story.

While the Sidhe maintain higher levels of consciousness than we do, their consciousness also stretches over a much wider range of consciousness levels and vibrations. That is the gift they want to share with the world and with us. However, they do not have the physical connection with the earth that we do, which is needed to raise the vibration of the physical system of the earth. We call that ascension, or evolution, or awakening of potential. For this process to unfold, we need all existing levels of human consciousness, i.e. Sidhe, inner earth people, and humans.

The connection the Sidhe have with nature is different than the one we have. They live in a different vibrational system than we do. However, they have insights that also apply to our world. Learning from them, will help raise the vibration of the physical earth system.

We are looking at the outcome of many million years of human evolution. That has
resulted in “different people’ with different levels of consciousness. Our human
perspective of reality is very limited and we need our relatives, the Sidhe and inner
earth people, to help us to expand, so, together with them, we can create a new world,
a new human consciousness. We may think we can change enough to evolve. However,
I believe we cannot do that without them. It was never meant to.


Mahala Frye’s reply

This is from my very limited prospective as an Energy Worker for the Earth.  I think they bring a clear oversight of the energetic layers of reality than most if not all humans have. We humans are so embedded in our 3-D reality we have difficulty seeing or sensing the underlying basis of existence. The Sidhe know this and working with them offers to me guidance on what exists as well as knowledge  of what needs to be done. For me they are teachers and mentors.

Twenty five years of working the Perelandra Processes have developed for me a good skill set of working with Devas and Nature Spirits for the purpose of clearing energy and healing land and people. My last four to five years of developing relationship with the Sidhe have expanded my practice considerably as well as given me a greater understanding of the implications of the work. My relationship with the Sidhe has shifted the focus into what David Spangler calls Subtle Activism and sometimes at a very deep level.

And if I can build relationship with the Devic Realm and Nature Spirits then so must the Sidhe and I would expect them to source a lot of their knowledge and information from those realms.

So I see them as having a broader and deeper view of the impact of humanities energetics than we humans have any idea of. They also have a very clear sighting of the long view.


Rhionagh na Ard’s reply:

I have always had the sense that the Sidhe as a whole are connected to one another and to the soul of the planet on a deep level, as they’ve been a part of its evolution for a very long time, and they don’t have the same concept or experience of “separation” as humanity does. However, it’s clear that different groups of Sidhe vary in their focus or intent with regard to how they choose to serve Source, so there’s no one easy answer to this question that will cover all Sidhe at once.

When I directed your question toward Niall and the group I work with, I found their answer coming back in rhyme:

We guard the realms and inner spaces,

Weave the webs betwixt and between.

We sing the flows that connect all beings;

Illumine the pathways ‘twixt seen and unseen.

They explained that in weaving the energy pathways for connection between beings, they help make it easier for humans and others to connect with Spirit, serving as a sort of bridge between the inner and outer realms.


Soren Hauge’s reply:

To the best of my knowledge – and from what I have learnt during my encounters with the Sidhe and from my human colleagues, this seems to be central: The Sidhe bring connectedness into the wholeness of Gaia. They weave wholeness and live in it all the time. In deep ways they are imbedded into the fabric of Gaia and at the same time connected with the world of the Stars – they are consciously aware of this and have not lost the sense of wholeness.

The paradox – if one could say so – is, that they are not fully connected to us – due to the ancient split between us. They live in a realm close to us, more subtle physical as well as non-physical, and they are portals themselves between worlds, but we seem separate from them because of the way we experience and act. They sense nature acutely – and the “noise” and destruction we create, and they know there is a mutual Human-Sidhe-need for reconnecting. It seems they cannot ignore us and we need to approach each other for the sake of wholeness.

We Humans can affect the dense physicality in ways they cannot, and we have purposeful stamina. They need us. The Sidhe have the “lost keys” to the magic of connectedness, and to deep flow. We need them. They know how to weave wholeness, to sing the creative songs of living imagination, to dance the world into living unfoldment and to “stand in the land of Star-Gaian joy”. As we engage with them, we can learn from them and they can learn from our nature of determination, the glowing warmth of our hearts gained through suffering in separation and our ability to manifest in the most solid ways. The great opportunity seems to lie in what may emerge from such a reconnection of the Sidhe and the Human realm.

They do not agree on whether to connect with us as some of them sense it is a great risk. However – others see the need and reach out. Do we reach back? In a way we can become more Human by reconnecting with our Sidhe-part, and they can become more Sidhe by engaging with their ancient Humanity. Such a “coming together” seem to be a vital part of the healing of Gaia and show a new path towards a deeply needed wholeness.

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