A library collected by Michael Pilarski, Friends of the Trees Society.

In 1977, a friend gave me a copy of the book “A True Fairy Tale” by Daphne Charters. This set me on a long journey in service to the fairies which continues to this day.  Since then I have collected many books on fairies.  I am currently in the process of cataloging all the books in my Fairy Library through an online service called Library Thing. We currently have 187 books cataloged and dozens more to go. We have many reviews (already written) to upload in the next week or so.  Eventually we aim to review all the books.

If you go to this url you can see where we are currently at.  If you click on the title of the book you can see the book’s cover and many details.

* If you are interested in helping with this project let me know.

* If you have lists of fairy books we’d love to see them.

* Are there any fairy books not in my library you’d recommend?

Michael Pilarski  friendsofthetrees@yahoo.com

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