Skeeter’s Fairy Journey

Visit to the Queen of the House Fairies
May 31, 2017

This morning I decided to meditate with my house fairy and my fairy allies.  I had no set idea what we were going to do at first, but once we had convened and upped our vibrations I proposed that we pay a visit to the overseer of all the house fairies on Earth.  My fairy allies led us on the journey there which went up and up into the higher dimensions.  When we got there it was so bright we couldn’t perceive details much but could sense the very big personage of this grand being, which I shall designate as the Queen of the House Fairies. 
I made a speech as to the reason for our visit which I explained thusly.  Would the Queen please make a request of all the house fairies on Earth to give a little more power to the humans in the houses they caretook in the sense of helping the humans evolve just a tad more and at the same time would this help the house fairies evolve a bit also. Mutual beneficial evolvement towards love.  Perhaps this would help the world situation a bit. 
At that point we also called in the overseeing presence of all of humanity on Earth to help with request. Humanity is a mixed bag but we called in the higher dimensional being of humanity.  We also called on beyond-planet helping beings who could aid in this request for mutual evolvement towards love.  These were very big presences indeed. Advisors to the Queen of the Fairies and the overlighting presence of humanity! 
So we made our request and set things in motion.  Every little bit helps.  Afterwards we respectfully said goodbye and made our way back to my bedroom and dimension on Earth.

I am tasked with notifying the humans I can reach that they should send love to their house fairies and talk to them from time to time.  I keep a brass singing bowl in my house and ring it whenever I want to talk to my house fairies which I generally do before I go on a trip and when I return.  Telling them to protect the house. They like to know where I am going and how long I will be gone.  I do talk to them at other times as well.  It is polite to talk to someone at times other then when asking for help.
House fairies are found in most houses on Earth as far as I know and their job is to give power to the house and its objects.  They help things stay in physicality.  An important role, but these days few humans know about them.  One of these years I will get around to publishing Daphne Charter’s book “Perima: the Story of a House Fairy”.  It will give you a much better idea of house fairies and the adventurous lives some of them lead. 
Towards a world with more love and understanding of the spiritual realms.
Michael Pilarski
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