Sidhe Connection

by Michael Pilarski

The Sidhe and the Fairy & Human Relations Congress

We were introduced to the Sidhe at the very first Fairy & Human Relations Congress by Robert J. Stewart. Most of us (including me) did not realize who the Sidhe were for the first 4 years or so, when they gradually came more clearly into focus as a different race of beings more closely related to humans than to the fairy/deva evolution.  So, the Sidhe have been woven into the Fairy & Human Relations Congress for all of its 20 years.  Robert J. Stewart has been part of over half of the congresses. Other presenters on the Sidhe over the years include; Orion Foxwood, Soren Hauge, Rionagh Na Ard, David Spangler, Caitlin Matthews, Jeremy Berg, and others. In the past 5 years the Sidhe have come into even more prominence in our scheduling.  At our 20th anniversary we are honoured to have David Spangler, Caitlin Matthews, Jeremy Berg tbc) and Ron Hays representing the Sidhe/human connection. All four of them are well known in the Sidhe and human realms for their ambassadorship between the two realms.  Quite a few other presenters and fairy congress participants also work with the Sidhe.

I have just been exploring the Sidhe website Portals Connect created by Ron Hays and I recommend it to any of you who are working with, or interested in, Sidhe connection.  There is a sizable set of articles by a number of the more prominent humans writing about the Sidhe realms. The site has a Sidhe bookstore offering books and card decks of David Spangler, Søren Hauge, Jeremy Berg, John Matthews and Anne Gambling. The site also includes exercises you can do. You can join up for a newsletter of people who are working on Sidhe communication. Altogether a nice bit of work for furthering Sidhe Human communication.

Ron has a separate website, Elven Gates, where he shows objects he’s crafted based on his work with the Sidhe.



Portals Connect is about the future. It is a seed project, part Human — part Sidhe, to enable both peoples to facilitate a greater relationship with one another. Though we inhabit separate realms, we share a common planetary destiny.

This site is one of the many ways in which the Sidhe are reaching out to reconnect with Humanity. It is an experiment on both peoples parts. As with any experiment, the results, though hypothesized, are unknown. When we embark on this type of research, we are probing an inner space both within us and in our environment. We may need to create new techniques and instruments to explore this inner, subtle realm. The books, exercises, and classes are here to empower a person’s exploration. The blogs and other writings are here for us to share in a conversation. This site exists to create and nurture a dialogue — person to person — and person to Sidhe. They will be here participating, exploring, and learning as we Humans do the same. Their voices may be subtle and not easily discerned at first. But this is a seed project. It is meant to create future opportunities for Humanity and Sidhe to collaborate and communicate with one another.

Sidhe and Humanity share the Earth and a future together. It behooves us to create new connections and collaborations with them, unencumbered by past folklore and superstitions. Both Peoples – Humanity and Sidhe – have valuable contributions to offer one another.

Ron Hays

A visit to the Sidhe Realm.

Michael Pilarski. November 29, 2019

Using the John Matthews, Great Glyph exercise on the Portals Connect website.

I traced the Great Glyph with my gaze.  Upon reaching the center I closed my eyes and fell down a long ways, and fast. Like a parachute jumper before they open the parachute. After a long ways I slowed my descent and landed on an earth surface in dim surroundings.  Before me rose the Great Tree. Stretching up and up into the far distance and into realms that we cannot reach.  In it was contained all the life forms of the world.  The Great Tree is a prominent feature of this realm.  Sidhe can follow it up and up till they cannot reach any further.  My animal spirit companion jumped into the tree in great delight. I had the flash that this tree and its connection to the Sidhe was something like the great tree on Pandora in the movie Avatar.  I could see Sidhe in small and large groups spread across the landscape. Glowing in some way. Upon examination of some Sidhe up close it was as it their bodies were composed of galaxies, like viewing the Milky Way.  So many points of light.  It was as if every cell of their body was a point of light. In some way the Sidhe are connected to the stars.

I did not come to request audience with the King & Queen or the Court. I was content to just observe, standing there with my spirit team. After a period of observing, I requested on behalf of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress to speak with any Sidhe who were interested in human Sidhe communication.  I introduced myself and my intention in coming.  To build relationships between our realms. I know that it takes energy and sacrifice for them to do this.  Getting closer to the human realm is not altogether pleasant for them which is why they have retreated so far from us.  Still we know that there is a rapprochement between ambassadors of the realms, from both sides.  I requested they send a goodly delegation to the Congress including, of course, all the Sidhe friends of the humans attending.  My proposal was that there would be enough Sidhe to connect with all the humans at the Congress who sincerely (and with good intent) wanted to make a Sidhe connection.  I was reminded of the Fairy/Human Depot set up via Daphne Charters which linked up humans with fairy nature spirits.  Fairy pen pals.  In a sense I was requesting a Sidhe human pen pal depot (if one does not already exist).  I left it up to the high ones to decide whether and how to do this.

I had been attempting to allow my inner ear to hear the symphonies their speech creates. The Sidhe are said to speak in music and are expert at combining their communication into symphonies of sound.  Our human speech is rather crude, so I and my spirit allies combined form in a “blending & becoming” exercise and sang to the Sidhe with our combined being.  It seemed impressive to them.  It helped of course that there is a Sidhe on my spirit team.

I ended the visit by saying farewell and falling upwards a long ways back into my chair.

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