Michelle McKinney

Michelle McKinney

Michelle McKinney is a full-time healing and intuitive arts practitioner and teacher, living and working in Seattle. Over the last 30 years, her spiritual and intuitive skills have helped people get past road blocks, and back into the flow of life self-empowered, with clarity, confidence, inner-peace, and strength.  The primary tools she uses are shamanic healing, and family and systemic constellations. Michelle teaches a 2 year shamanic training in Seattle. https://shamanichealingarts.com/

Releasing Ancestral Entanglements: Connecting to Their Wisdom

Our primordial ancestors danced with the Sidhe, and understood their place in the balance of nature. They also survived intense earth changes and challenges, that we may have the lives we have today. These wise ones have a message for us.

We’ll also explore how entanglements from our ancestors hold us back from living our destiny, expressing our deeply authentic selves, and aligning with our soul’s purpose.

One of the keys to navigating these times of great change lies in the hands of our ancestors; in releasing entanglements with those ancestors whose troubles bind us, and receiving their blessing. In connecting to the love and wisdom of our primordial ancestors, and remembering how to take our place in the balance of nature and dance with the Sidhe.  We are not in this alone. Our ancestor’s deepest wish is for us to thrive.