Jaap van Etten

Jaap van Etten

Lemurantis. Metaphysical Ecology

Jaap received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Amsterdam. He specialized in Ecology and Population Genetics. From 1991, he shifted mainly to metaphysical studies. These studies focused on crystal skulls, the human energy system, Earth energies, and their interactions (Metaphysical Ecology). Within these studies, there is an emphasis on consciousness and the effect of consciousness on Earth energies. As a result of these studies, he connected with subtle worlds and subtle beings, like Dragons, Unicorns, Nature Spirits, Sidhe, and Higher-dimensional Star Beings. These connections resulted in a deeper understanding of many subtle Beings and their roles and functions, leading to many articles, five books, and many workshops.

He believes that Mother Earth is the best source of information for understanding the visible and invisible (subtle) worlds. We can find information about everything that happened on the Earth, including the full potential of the Earth and all life in the grids and fields the Earth holds. The key to understanding all aspects of this world is learning to connect with these information systems and translate the information into something we can understand and share.

Jaap came to the United States in 1998 and currently lives with his wife Jeanne Michaels in the Sedona, Arizona, area. He has written two books on crystal skulls, a book on his connections with the Sidhe (Birth of a New Consciousness), a book on Earth Energies (Gifts of Mother Earth), and a book on Dragons (Dragons: Guardians of Creative Powers. Becoming a Conscious Creator). His website is https://centermetaeco.com.

Most people know Dragons from fantasy stories and movies. Dragons have a strong attraction
because of the mystery and magic surrounding them.  There is no doubt that Dragons are connected to magic. However, it is still difficult for most people to believe that they are real and existing beings. They are not visible, but are subtle beings who are willing to help us become conscious creators. But if we want their support, we need to connect with them and be open to their energies.

In this workshop, we will look at the five groups of Dragons consisting of 45 different species. Each of them supports us in using the various aspects of the elemental powers that optimally develop a conscious creator. We will look at their deep connections with Mother Earth and the star system of Cassiopeia.

We will especially connect with the group of Dragons that most people consciously or subconsciously work with. We are all creators, but by working with this group of Dragons, we become more aware of their qualities and abilities and, through them, the steps needed to be a conscious creator.

Through guided meditation, we will connect deeper with the steps of conscious creation and connect with the Dragons that guide that process to contribute more optimally to the evolution process of Mother Earth.