Normus: A History of the Fairy and Human Relations Congress

A History of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress
by Normus, one of the original fairy ringleaders.
The Fairy & Human Relations Congress has been under development for a long, long time and is held under the guidance of a High One. It began its journey towards manifestation with the birth of Daphne Charters in England in 1910. Some of us fairies began to interact with Daphne in the early 1950s and the idea of bringing fairies together from around the world to talk about the human “problem” (and seek solutions) came into manifestation. The first Fairy & Human Relations Congress was held in 1956 near London in the fairy astral realm. Very few humans attended and Daphne was the only incarnate human to participate.  The Congress was held annually after that and kept growing in size and scope. 850,000 fairies attended the 1985 Congress as well as quite a few discarnate humans and other spirit beings.
In 1977 we arranged to have a copy of Daphne’s book “A True Fairy Tale” to be placed in Michael Pilarski’s hands. He immediately volunteered to work for the fairies.  Michael was seeded with the idea of a Fairy & Human Relations Congress on the physical plane and lo & behold – Abracadabra – in 2001 he and others organized the first Fairy & Human Relations Congress on the physical realm. 225 physical humans attended and large numbers of fairies.  It was an immediate success (thanks to some behind the scenes string-pulling by us fairies and our superiors).
While the humans are having their Congress the fairies gather nearby for their gala affair and delegates stream back and forth between the respective realms.  The Saturday night ritual and parade make the high point each year and all the fairies and humans attend that! 
We fairies have been attending in large numbers from around the world in this important endeavor to stabilize the world situation. Every year we up the amperage a bit on the energy we send to the humans attending. The Congress is an important event for both of our realms and the Earth.  Together we are forging more communication and cooperation between our realms.  Much needed at this time.  We continue to be guided by High Ones and the Overlighting Deva of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress.   We look forward to continued breakthroughs.
We fairies are very grateful for the humans who attend the Congress or who work for cooperation wherever they are in the world. You know who you are.
With love for the Earth and the continued evolution of both of our life streams.
~ Normus
PS. I am well past retirement age for an assignment on the earth plane (for a fairy of my development, generally about 100 years), but my time on the Earth plane has been extended several times due to the importance of this work.
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