New Letters from Michael Pilarski!

Letter to the Nature-Spirits and Faery Realms, 

Michael Pilarski, Fairy & Human Relations Congress

Dear fairies,

First let me make it clear that I am addressing all the types of fairy beings in your many realms. Not just the small, winged ones like humans call Tinkerbell.  I recognize there are small nature spirits such as these, but also there are mighty devas of mountains, rivers, seas, storms and fire. There are also beings called Sidhe for who some people use the spelling faery. There are also mighty beings called dragons, sasquatch, unicorn, mer-people and so many other nature beings in so many languages. I lump all of you together as fairy beings. All of you who are connected to Mother Earth/Gaia.  I use the term fairy and faery interchangeably here but I address all of you.

Some of us humans on the planet are taking steps to come together with you on our calendar days of January 15, 16 and 17.  We humans will be using Zoom to communicate. We invite you to look over our shoulders during the calls.  But we know you fairies have a far more sophisticated way of communicating between yourselves and we are requesting you meet among yourselves. Our understanding is that during our twenty  annual, physical-realm Fairy & Human Relations Congress the fairies have a fairy realm congress nearby to our human, physical-realm congress and that liaisons and representatives zip back and forth between our two congresses.  The fairy hosts descend on us in full strength for our Saturday evening ritual and parade.    I don’t know how you will manage the interface with us while we are doing our Zoom conference, but I trust that the devas who work with our Fairy & Human Relations Congress have it all worked out. 

So every human who attends the Zoom event should have your antennas out for receiving messages, feelings, intuitions and emotions sent to you by the fairies. We are recommending that you go out in nature as much as you can during those three days and connect with parts of our living planet.  Hug trees, hang out with rocks, tune into the landscapes and seascapes around you. Look into the sky and firmament. Whatever time you can spare.

Many of the humans who participate in our Zoom congress already have allies from the faery realms. You can be sure they will be with you. We ask that our combined allies get a chance to meet each other during this event.  During the event there will be a number of exercizes where all of us humans participating will have a chance to get one, or more, new fairy allies.

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