Monthly Fairy Workshops

Fairy Congress Community Monthly Workshops

The Monthly workshops are an awesome benefit of being part of the Fairy Congress community.  Keep your connection to the Fae strong and fresh with monthly tune-ups, from a variety of teachers offering a range of ways to improve your connection to the Subtle Realms.  Workshops are scheduled for the Third Saturday of every month, from 9 to 10:30am Pacific Time.

November Workshop, Saturday November 20th:

Introduction to Incarnational Spirituality with Julia Spangler

Julia will share foundational teachings from Incarnational Spirituality (IS), the path created by her husband David Spangler with guidance from his Inner allies. Incarnational Spirituality celebrates your embodied physical nature as Sacred. Each individual life is valuable, meaningful, and capable of bringing wholeness and blessing into the world. Do you feel that your life matters? IS teaches that you have a unique purpose and call that can transform the world. Learning to shape this transformation lies at the heart of Lorian’s teachings. You have the opportunity each moment to create more sacredness, beauty, and wholeness in your life!

Julia is an ordained teacher of Incarnational Spirituality(IS) which recognizes the sacred nature of the world and of the incarnate individual.  She is one of the founders of the Lorian Association, and has been teaching IS for decades, especially focusing on the interface between the soul and the personality, the spiritual and personal elements of our earthly experience, with the recognition that standing whole in our sovereignty enables the clearest communion with the ‘subtle beings’ with whom we share our world.  “We are told that when we stand in our light, we can better be seen by Beings existing on the subtle levels.”  Incarnational Spirituality focuses on amplifying the light within us through exercises that kindle a personal experience of the sacredness within oneself and within the world.  Julia teaches “Journey Into Fire”, a class based on the book she co-wrote with her husband David, and shorter classes focusing on some of the experiential exercises presented in IS, like the Spectrum of Love. Julia is a certified counselor and also teaches parenting classes to parents of young children through a local preschool.

December Workshop, Saturday December 18th:

Shamanic Solstice Circle with Jan Kinsey, Lindsey Swope and Saliha Abrams

This workshop falls on a full moon, three days before Winter Solstice, one of the most Holy days of the Natural year.  The solstice is when patterns for the following year can be divined, and intentions set. This year, the Full Moon will shed light on the darkest time of year, a good opportunity to see down the hidden pathways into the unseen realms.  We will journey for ourselves and for each other to ask our guides for illumination on our upcoming journeys.

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