Michael Pilarski Spring 2015 Tour

In April Michael Pilarski, original founder of the Fairy Congress, will be giving a series of workshops in 11 locations including evening talks on fairies [1] and one-day workshops on “Wildcrafting Food & Medicine” [2] and one-day workshops on “Lesser-Known Cash Crops for Small Farmers with an emphasis on Medicinal Plants and Northwest Native Plants” [3] (numbers refer to schedule below).

The fairy talks are titled:

The Emerging Alliance: Fairy & Faery Beings, Humans, and Wild Creatures – Working Together for Gaia. [labelled 1 on the schedule below]. An evening talk introducing the differences between fairy and faery beings and the concepts of a four-fold alliance for improving the situation on our common home, Planet Earth. 7:00 to 9:00 pm. By donation.

Here is the tentative schedule of stops and dates.
  • Lummi Island, April 10, [1] [2]
  • Bellingham, April 11 [1]
  • Algers, April 12 [2]
  • Upper Skagit, April 13, [2]
  • Mount Vernon area, April 14, [1] [3]
  • Whidbey Island, April 15, [2]
  • Port Townsend, April 16-17, [1] [2] [3]
  • Snohomish, April 19, [3]
  • North Seattle, April 20, [1] [2]
  • South Seattle, April 21, [1] [2]
  • Olympia, April 23-24, [1] [2] [3]
I am open to other locations.
The purpose of the fairy talks is to reach more people with the fairy message and to promote the Fairy & Human Relations Congress and Daphne Charter’s books. Of course, I hope to see many people from the Fairy Congress at the workshops and could use your help spreading the word. Let me know if you want to attend or help so I can keep you updated.  Michael Skeeter Pilarski, friendsofthetrees@yahoo.com


The tour can also serve as a kick-off and fundraiser for Perima. Perima, The Story of a House Fairy is the title of Volume II of Daphne Charters’ Collected Fairy Manuscripts. Perima narrates the story to Daphne.  Perima is the heroine of an epic tale which spans three lifetimes. An adventure story akin to Tolkien’s trilogy “Lord of the Rings” One of our fairy communicators has been in touch with Perima about the book being published and it sounds like Perima will write a foreword. The manuscript was finished in 1989 but has not been published to date.
Here is an excerpt from pages 177-179 of Perima. The manuscript in its current double-spaced format is 435 pages long.
Perima is the narrator.

“So once again, we asked for the probing, splitting and explosive rays and set to work. But first we used our extra-vision to see if we could locate an existing underground tunnel. Again we separated, and after a while we received a call from Augustine to join him. He told us that he had located at least one, and he thought there could be a network which would make our task much easier. We employed the same techniques which we had used on our journey, and when we heard the clatter of debris falling into space, we slithered down with the rest of the ruble and found ourselves, as expected, in a tunnel. Augustine suggested that we should stay and replenish our inner-forces while he endeavored to find out where the passage led.  But we asked if we might accompany him, as we did not yet know what dangers to expect. So the three of us moved silently and warily forward, until we came to a cavern, which appeared to have been uninhabited for a long time.”

“Augustine decided that we must rest before continuing our exploration, so we sat together, grateful for the peace and comfort of his aura. When we had recovered sufficiently, we began to examine the surrounding walls, and we found several passages leading out of the cave. There was no sign of life anywhere apart from the groans of the rocks, suffering from their ultra-solidity, which restricted the intake of sufficient power for their needs. “

“We had searched five of the tunnels and were proceeding along the sixth, when we saw a flicker of fire coming through a crevice.”

“There must be an aperture with moving air, otherwise there would be no flame,” said Augustine. Somehow the glimmer of light cheered us and, for a while, we watched it in silence, hoping that it would disclose something.”

                  “Little fire,” intoned Augustine, “reveal your secret to us. Whence art thou? Whither goest thou?” The flickering faltered and then was extinguished, enabling us to peer up the cleft to see a light from an obviously large conflagration. “Honored Great Fire” Augustine called out, “pray send an emissary to lead us to you.”  We waited tensely for a sign that our plea had been heard and we were rewarded. What had appeared to be a solid rock facing us became transparent and we could see a brilliant, flashing light.”


                  We walked through the transformed boulder, not without fear as far as Tepi and I were concerned. Perhaps it was a cunning trap and we would be scorched or burned.”

                  “All is well, little ones. The Elements do not deceive if they are addressed with respect.”

                  “We advanced until we stood before a vast sheet of fire which covered half of a large cavern. To Tepi’s and my amazement we found that it was not hot. Augustine bowed and we followed his example. Two arms of flame shot out and surrounded us and then withdrew. …. “

– End of Perima’s Excerpt.

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