Marko Pogacnik comes to Washington State!

Marko Pogačnik visiting Washington State!!

by Michael Pilarski
copyright 2020

June 26-29: Fairy & Human Relations Congress, Carlton, Methow Valley,

July 1: Whidbey Island, 1-day workshop

July 2: Port Townsend, evening lecture

Marko Pogačnik is traveling from his native Slovenia to present at the Fairy & Human Relations Congress as well as Whidbey Island and Port Townsend.

The Fairy & Human Relations Congress has always been about preserving and restoring the natural world, but this year our theme is even more explicit. “Building Alliances for Earth Regeneration”. We are pleased that Marko Pogačnik from Slovenia is coming to share his knowledge in this regard. Marko has been observing and working with the spiritual forces in landscapes for decades and has written many books.

Marko can see the earth energies and the devic beings of nature. He can communicate with and interact with these beings and positively affect the energies of the land. Pogačnik is co-creating ways for humans to work with fairies, devas and Sidhe for earth healing.    We are so excited to see what Marko will bring to the Fairy Congress!

His main themes are: multi-dimensionality of the landscape and urban ambience, communication with different facets of nature, the rediscovery of the feminine principle, the present Earth changes and human transformation. In 2013, he started to teach GaiaTouch exercises that were shown to him during the last decade by beings of different places and landscapes as Yoga dedicated to closer contact to our home planet.


Saturday Panel at the Congress


The panel will discuss how humans can consciously work with the other realms for earth healing. The panel will include Marko Pogačnik, Mahala Frye, Camilla Blossom Bishop, and David Spangler.


Sunday workshop at the congress:


The chaotic events in modern society and upheavals in the natural environments around the planet cannot be overlooked. Yet they represent only the declining aspect of the present Earth Changes. Based upon 40 years of intense work in the field of ecological healing of places and landscapes the author offers insights into the other face of the planetary change inspired by Gaia, the Earth soul and her helpers. A new multidimensional reality is being created by recycling the past for the benefit of the future. He shows the way how beings of different world dimensions, like elemental beings of the indigo Gaia, approach the sphere of human consciousness helping us to detach from the dissolving 3D reality and to tune to the hologram of the renewed Earth.


Monday intensive at the Congress

9am – 2pm Workshop. Skalitude Upper Lodge. $85, lunch included.


Modern human beings have forgotten that we are guests upon a planet where elemental beings, different fairy worlds and dragon powers (being creative hands of Gaia, the Earth Soul), make conscious life possible in the conditions of matter. If we do not want to lose the fantastic opportunity to create and enjoy life upon the Earth we need first to recognize and to honor our own elemental identity as beings of Gaia and secondly to discover ways of cooperation with her elemental and supra-elemental worlds.

The author presents different methods of communication and co-creation with the parallel worlds using tools of universal language such as cosmograms, creative rituals and Gaia Touch body movements. He will teach methods that can help individuals to cope personally with the current Earth changes and to support the planetary transformation processes. There will be special emphasis upon the current phase of Earth Changes. The intensive also includes a ritual to work on the regeneration of the Pacific Ocean space.


July 1 Workshop. Wednesday, 9:00 – 4:00.

Whidbey Island. Earth Sanctuary.


Landscapes represent the wisdom body of the Earth revealed. How does Gaia’s wisdom body express through stones, plants, animals, elemental beings and their cosmic allies? Who are those gigantic beings that create the space of reality in each subsequent moment? How it is possible to perceive those multiple worlds of Gaia with the resonance upon our own body? Exercises of perception will be taught to come in touch with the elemental and other subtle worlds of the given landscape. The workshop will be held at the Earth Sanctuary. The site includes many sacred structures including the Ellis Hollow Stone Circle, the first energetically and astronomically aligned stone circle in the United States. https://earthsanctuary.org/

$120. The workshop is limited to 20 people. For more information or to register contact: michael@fairycongress.com


July 2. 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Thursday evening lecture in Port Townsend.


Deep changes that our planet is going through are often presented as approaching horror. Such a negative image is the result of human loss of the inner connection to the Earth and its consciousness. The author presents his experiences while working with treasures and traumas of Earth’s landscapes and urban ambiences showing that Gaia is consciously decomposing the extremely closed space of reality constructed during the last 5 millennia under the rule of the dominating rationality. At the same time, Gaia as guiding creative force of the planet is constructing a different space of reality which is multidimensional. It stands for the future of the planet and also of the human culture.

By donation. Venue to be announced.  For further information contact: michael@fairycongress.com


Marko Pogačnik was born in 1944 in Slovenia where he lives with his wife Marika in a stone house close to the village of Šempas. At the age of 18 he realized that art inherits the capacity to change, to transform and to transmute those conditions in life that do not pulsate in resonance with the universal patterns of love and truth. Since 1979 he has been engaged in geomantic and Earth healing work and in the mid 80s he developed a method of Earth healing similar to acupuncture, by using stone pillars with carved cosmograms, positioned on acupuncture points of the given landscape. He calls it “lithopuncture”. After 2005 he dedicates much of his work to creating Geopuncture Circles, a world wide lithopuncture project to enhance communication with the Earth consciousness that he creates together with his collaborators from given countries. Geopuncture Circles stand already in Portugal, Croatia, in Czech Republics, on Canarian Islands, in Austria, Slovenia, and USA. In 2016 he was appointed as Artist for Peace and UNO Goodwill Ambassador by the Secretary General of UNESCO. His books include: Elemental beings and Nature Spirits, Turned Upside Down, Sacred Geography, Quantum Leap of the Earth, Universe of the Human body, Christ Power and Earth Wisdom.


Christ Power and Earth Wisdom

Marko Pogačnik’s latest book, 2019. Clairview Press, London.

“It is a story of my search for the Fifth Gospel that is written and hidden within the canonical Gospels and within the one written by Christ’s disciple Thomas. It also shows where the Christ message was altered with tragic consequences.” Based on methods of investigation and perception that Pogačnik has developed over many decades of work in healing the various dimensions of Earth’s landscape and nature, he deciphers the hidden, holistic messages in Christ’s teachings.

Pogačnik’s writings are influenced by sources beyond the human realm. In his recent book  “Christ Power and Earth Wisdom” he draws on The Angel of Earth healing and “‘conversations’ with two highly developed elemental beings who have access to the wisdom of earth’s systems. One is a being of the air element, a fairy who ensouls a tiny olive grove in which I work by day. The grove consists only of three olive trees, which however cast a sufficient shade for me to be able to meditate and write.   The other being I call the ‘Old Wise One’. His focal point is at the edge of a stony hollow on the peak of the island’s central hill. In my experience such a being has a special role within the common consciousness of Earth. This is to preserve the memories and wisdom which the earth systems have acquired though eons of evolution and make them available as needed to other beings in the area for which he is ‘responsible. His role had made his help exceptionally important to my efforts to bring home the world of elemental beings to the consciousness of present day people.” Page 80.

“We should turn towards nature, seek inner relationships with trees, rivers and localities . . . Nature can never become separated from the circumstances of Earth. Therefore it offers the best chance of attuning oneself to what is happening with Earth at any given moment.”  Page 240.


Sacred Geometry: Geomancy: Co-Creating the Earth Cosmos.

Marko Pogačnik. 2007, Lindisfarne Books.

I have recently been reading Pogačnik’s book in which he describes the consciousnesses of elemental beings and devas and gives lots of exercises for communication. I recommend everyone into nature communication read this book and try out the exercises. Here are reports on two exercises I tried.

Exercise on page 110. I imagined I had roots extending into the ground.  At the end of each root was an eye to observe the elemental earth beings.  When I did this the local earth elementals flocked to the eyes in amazement.  I then sent golden and rose-colored balls out to them which contained love for them and information on who I was.  They very quickly grasped that I was working on global earth repair and all volunteered to help me in this mission.  They said, that “Earth repair was their domain. They do it all the time. Constant earth repair”.  I suggested they come with me to assist in my travels but they said they were tied to this place but that wherever I went I could contact the local earth elementals who would be glad to help.

Next I did an exercise outlined on page 115 to connect with the etheric elemental realm.  This led me to a long conversation with the Deva of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress.  The Deva is very supportive of the theme of Earth Repair. Humans and the devic realm working together to harmonize our two life-wave’s missions. I asked if she is the same deva that overlighted the original Fairy & Human Relations Congress that was initiated by Daphne Charters and her fairy allies in the 1950s.  She said she incorporates a transformed version of that deva but much more also.  She recommended including conscious exercises at the congress each year of pulling in stellar energy into ourselves as well as drawing up earth energies into ourselves. Circulating them in our bodies and sending them back into the stellar and earth realms.  We have been doing this to some extent already but will now make an even more conscious effort.


Listen to Marko Pogačnik


53:57, Jun 30, 2019.

Recently I watched this presentation of Marko speaking in English which was recorded in June 2019. I also watched him speaking in German.  He is very fluent in German and his Slovenian languages.  He has to struggle in English, but he succeeds in conveying a really upbeat message which I haven’t heard from anyone else. A very big picture rooted in the spiritual observation of many sites.


A few reflections on climate change and the 2020 theme of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress.

Michael Pilarski, December 17, 2019

Our 2020 theme is Building Alliances for Earth Regeneration. How can we help the Earth to be healthier? Regeneration instead of degeneration. Alliances between the realms: human, fairy, nature spirits, deva, sidhe, plants, animals. All the life-waves who reside on (or within) the Earth share a common interest in a healthy planet.  The Fairy Congress gives us a place to work together. As more and more humans start working for ecosystem regeneration, how can we consciously work with the other realms for earth healing?

The Fairy & Human Relations Congress includes under the umbrella of the word “fairy” all the otherworld beings of Earth and Nature, such as nature spirit, deva, elementals, Sidhe, unicorns, merpeople, sasquatch, dragons, undines, sylphs, gnomes, salamanders, and so forth.

I have been reading some of Marko Pogačnik’s books and here are some points that stand out for me.

Earth changes are coming.  This is the result of Gaia’s evolution. Gaia is the driving force behind the changes including climate changes.  Humanity is not in charge. We may be exacerbating climate change but Gaia is the driving force.  These changes will usher in an age of peace and co-creation for humanity.  The future is bright. Marko is saying that we should not fear climate change, but see it as an opportunity for building a new and better Earth. He also acknowledges that the changes may be drastic.

The forces of greed and control are afraid of these changes (they will lose their control), so they are trying to undermine positive human changes.  They are using fear of climate change as one of their strategies.

Marco outlines some of the advantages of cooperation with the parallel evolutions on our planet such as nature spirit/devic and Sidhe; and how humans can affect the physical world through the archetypal world.  Humans can, and should, do exercises of perception and communication with the worlds of nature. This is what the Fairy Congress is about!

Marko uses what he calls geopuncture or lithopuncture for earth healing.  Standing stone circles inscribed with cosmograms set up in key places. He is coordinating a network of such geopuncture sites.  Let’s do more of them in the USA!

Here is a quote from Marko Pogačnik:

“It is more and more evident that the dramatic consequences of the Earth’s changing process cannot be avoided. Our present civilization is not willing to introduce the drastic measures necessary to stop the deterioration of the natural environment.”

Geomancy means looking at the landscape in its invisible dimensions included.

Therapy for landscape and cityscape. Acupuncture with positioning stones in certain places. Carving signs with cosmograms. Enhance self-healing energies of the places and transform traumas or blockages that are in a place.  Works with groups. Soundings, dance, ritual, imagination. Gaia touch.  12th dimensional model.  Find the causes of traumas and bring healing.  Step by step he had to develop a model to understand the trauma.  War, or distortion of the landscape.

3-fold space dimension. Behind manifested reality there are patterns or matrix of different phenomena.  Behind the scenes.  To heal a place he has to go behind the scenes in other dimensions.  Place feels unhappy.  Cannot lead a full life in these places.  Have to go far back.  He is doing something complementary to human medicine.  Landscape is equally full of consciousness.  Human were invited to this planet. Humans are fully into matter and can create or destroy.  Humans are as dense as we are going to get.

Earth is going into a new phase of development and leaving behind the reality as we know it.  These new developments started much earlier but broke thru in 1997.  Moving from the Earth of the earth to the Earth of the air consciousness.  Consciousness easier to enter into other dimensions.  Paths are open to multi-dimensionality.  Parallel evolutions are present in our world. Creating together, communicating. Ancestors and descendants are more accessible. Inter-dimensional portals.  Where spheres interact.

Present moment

Two processes going on. Decomposing the old reality Earth reality.  Very carefully.  Includes catastrophes.

Parallel is composing/creating a new Earth. A new condition for the future development.  Islands of light are being created which are fractals of new reality.  Places are beautiful. Like seeds.  Old reality is still in force, but seeds are something that is for the future.  Now they are getting interconnected.

Gaia is developing new generations of elemental beings which can co-create with humans. Elementals are fractals of Gaia working everywhere in nature and the human world.  They can now co-create with human beings.  An optimistic way of looking at climate change. Gaia is lacking human collaborators and she would like to bring this process through without cataclysms. With the help of human consciousness and connect with each other and create a path for Gaia to use for this change.

“I have developed methods of what I call “Earth Healing” – to distinguish it from healing human problems. These methods are based upon the tools developed in my art practice combined with the knowledge of the alternative medicine. Mostly I use a method of Earth acupuncture that I call “lithopuncture” and forms of group work with sound and imagination.”

“Beings and phenomena of the world are autonomous and not dependent from the human control. The anthropocentric approach to life and to the fellow beings of nature is outdated according to cosmic cycles that move the universe. Instead, a platform of coexistence and cooperation with all beings of life needs to be developed as basis of a new culture. I call it “geoculture” – a culture tuned to the essence of our home planet, its consciousness, and sacred core called Gaia.”

“Rational scientific paradigm has during the last two centuries imposed upon humanity a pattern of ignorance towards those beings and dimensions of life that do not know physical appearance and yet are inevitable for life processes to run and to evolve. My effort as an artist and a human being is to get intimate experience of those invisible dimensions and beings, and share the experience and knowledge about the invisible worlds of Earth and Universe with my fellow human beings to change that extremely dangerous pattern that ignores the sources of life itself.”

Interestingly, I was part of a December 15 teleseminar with Robert J. Stewart on the Sea Temple of the West. Robert fielded a number of questions on the state of pollution and die-off in the oceans and climate change.  The takeaway message for me was that the large storms and weather events we are witnessing are the Earth taking measures to deal with the pollution and destruction that humanity has been inflicting on the world.  In naturopathic medicine we might say that Gaia is going through a healing crisis. Robert says that the storms and earth changes can be seen as an act of compassion by the nature realms for the human race because they are going to keep the Earth livable.   They won’t allow us to destroy life on Earth.  The more drastic our destruction becomes, the more drastic will be Nature’s corrections.

Robert Stewart pointed out that the gates of the East/air have been wide open for centuries, thus humanity’s focus on science.  Since the 1800’s the gates of the West have been opening up and this is part of the ushering in of the changes in humanity including more emphases on the feminine.

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