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Plus a testimonial from Dan Nanamkin, we were so honored and delighted to have him come last year, and so happy that he will be back in 2018!
“I mentioned something yesterday about the festivals in general and gatherings i went to last summer .. some having forms of Low hanging fruit and also higher branches etc… on my long drive home I thought about this Festival in particular because.. when I came here last year I only inteneded to talk with you for a hour and hit the road…however I ended up staying four days til the end n was one of the last cars that left! Reflecting on that on my long rive home from PT it reminded me that at this congress last year it was because of the over all authenticity, higher frequencies and kindness of the people that really captivated my spirit.. I didn’t meet one bad or negative person here and really found acceptance and generous support within your circle . So thank you all again for giving me a great opportunity to get to meet you as relatives”

And new writing from Skeeter:
Fairy Congress Fairy Tale
Let me tell you a fairy tale, or at least a rumor of one. It is said that illuminated beings can be in many places at once.  That is, their consciousness can be in many places at once.  At the 1985 Fairy & Human Relations Congress (the original one held on the fairy plane), the keynote speaker appeared to the vast assemblage of tens of thousands of fairies and related to each one of them individually and all at the same time.

The human realm Fairy & Human Relations Congress has been held since 2001.  Over the years we have invited many illuminated beings to the Congress. When we call on Pan, or Mother Mary, or the Deva of the Cascade Mountains, part of their consciousness joins us.  We become linked.  Many of them come yearly. Some beings are only there once.  In ritual, we have danced the Solar System, spiraled with the galaxy and traveled from the center of the earth to the center of the galaxy.  The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is part of the conversation the Earth is having with the cosmos.

All of the beings who attend: humans, devas, local fairies, dragons, Sidhe, angels, goddesses, gods, saints, etc, etc are delegates and ambassadors between the realms.

The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is just one of many initiatives around the planet which are communicating and cooperating across the veil.  In a sense, we are part of a United Nations of Light Beings.  Perhaps another way to put it is that some humans are becoming aware of, and collaborating with, an ongoing process.

Come to the 18th Fairy & Human Relations Congress on June 21-24 and see what you think . . .

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