Letter from David Spangler


On Monday morning, November 1, 2021, I had a request from one of my subtle colleagues, just before I  was about to give a lecture to an online class I am teaching. I said I would pass it on. The following is a  transcript of that part of my talk in which I did pass on my subtle colleague’s request.

As you know, many of the world leaders are gathering right now in Glasgow, Scotland for a climate  summit. That being that I call the Angel of Humanity, or the Spirit of Humanity, the collective soul of  Humanity, is overlighting this summit. The request that has been asked of me to pass on is for you to take  time to attune not to the summit, per se, but to the spirit of creative humanity. This is very important that  you’re not attuning to suffering humanity, to humanity that’s caused these environmental difficulties, to  humanity that’s the worst side of our nature; you’re attuning to the soul of humanity that holds all the  possibilities and the creative potentials and the vision that can shape a positive future.

Humanity has been through this before, this is not the first big crisis of a civilizational nature that humanity  has experienced. There’s a wisdom in our deep collective knowledge of how to move through these things  and how to do so kind of the way a snake sheds its skin; there are things that will be left behind, that we  have to get rid of so that something new can emerge and we have the flexibility and the freedom to grow  and to develop new characteristics and capacities. Gaia is growing and we need to grow with it.

There is this wisdom in the soul of humanity that says okay, this is a stage, we’ve been through these  stages before. There’s going to be loss, there’s going to be gain, but at the heart of it is this sacred Light of our species that has a planetary task, that has a relationship to Gaia that is one of service and it is  seeking to develop and evolve its own sacredness, its own unique way of giving life and expression to its  sacred potentials. This is a multi-generational (multi-millennial, if you wish) undertaking.

I remember when I started my work in 1965, John [my first subtle colleague and mentor] said to me,  “David, you will not see the fruits of what you’re doing in your lifetime.” This is a generational thing. We have to think in the long term. We have to think over hundreds of years, not 10 or 20 years.

So. there’s held in this spirit of humanity, this sense of the wholeness and the Light of what’s evolving  even if the fullness of it doesn’t become manifest in anything like our lifetimes or even in the next two or  three lifetimes. I don’t know how long it would take. But at a collective level, we do know and at a collective level, in the soul of humanity, there is this sense of confidence, this sense of creativity, a sense  of joy and of light and of knowing the service that we are about.

That’s what we’re tuning into. That’s the spirit of humanity we want to hold as it overlights this  conference. In overlighting this conference, because so much attention of the world is being placed on it,  and also because of the sense of responsibility I think that many of these world leaders hold as they begin  to realize the gravity of the situation, links are formed between this conference and the people in it and  the rest of humanity. And it’s those links that are important, that’s what the soul of humanity is seeking  to work with.

It can only do so much. I don’t think it holds a lot of expectation for this one particular conference with  this one group of leaders. They already have demonstrated that there are limits to what they can do or  what they will attempt to do. But in coming together, they are creating a kind of grail, they’re creating a  kind of focal point through which the creative power and the creative possibility and spirit of humanity can flow. It flows not just to them or even primarily to them; it flows to all of us. It flows to our children,  it flows to our grandchildren, it flows to those souls waiting to be born, it flows into the reservoir of human  potentiality that knows how to deal with this crisis and knows what it’s aiming to become. That is where  that Light is received and held.

So, my subtle colleagues said, please, in your meditations or in your awareness, as you go through your  day, think about what is happening at this global climate summit in Glasgow and understand that the spirit  of humanity is using it as a focal point, as an opportunity to enliven and vivify the deep sacred  potentialities within humanity that know what to do. I pass that on with the gratefulness of my colleagues  and my gratefulness and I leave it in your hands to do with as you will.

David Spangler

Nov 1, 2021

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