Inviting Fairies from Your Home to the Congress

We’ve been encouraged to ask you to invite the fairies from your neighborhood to come to Congress with you. Joanna wrote about her own experience…..

By Joanna Schmidt
This last year my childhood home changed ownership. I grew up on an amazing 10 acres surrounded by a magical forest on Whidbey Island. Growing up interactions, gatherings and play with the fairies of the land were a daily occurrence for me. Saying good bye to my dear tree friends, woodland fairy friends and the deva’s of that land was difficult. Before I left I went on one last picnic with my fairies allies. They showed up in droves to say farewell. Overwhelmingly it was a happy event, the fairies and the land were ecstatic to have the opportunity to have new children on the land to play with, and also for me and the opportunities of my work and practice in my current home.

However, my childhood fairy allies were concerned that I still held the belief in my heart that I had to venture far… whether to Whidbey or Skalitude to experience such a deep connection with nature and fairies. So on this last gathering with my childhood fairy tribe they offered me an immense gift. We traveled to my current home in Bellingham and we woke up the fairies of my yard and my neighborhood. With my childhood fairy friends at my side I was introduced to many new fairy allies that I had lived with for years but never had taken the time to meet or to get to know. This was a very magical block party, for sure.

Since this introduction I have been playing and conversing with and enjoying the company of my new friends right here at my home. My home now feels magical, but also I should point out is on a very busy road and corner and less than a few miles from an airport and an industrial area. But with conversation, invitation and a little help from some woodland childhood fairy friends, the fairies and I are learning to thrive in new ways.

When I attend the Fairy and Human Relations Congress every year, I leave feeling recharged, excited and energized for the year ahead. I feel empowered to engage and do amazing work with both humans and fairies. The gathering of our human tribes and some of the biggest and blessed fairies around creates such an amazing buzz. This year I will be inviting my new city fairy allies with me, so that they may also feel the healing and super buzz that we create at the congress. From the dandelion fairies that are learning to thrive in the cracks in the sidewalks, to the enduring tree spirits who live here on the front lines of the industrial war zone, and to the beloved deva’s of my neighborhood and land, my hope is when we all return to our home after a long weekend of learning, playing and growing that we will all feel recharged to continue to reinvent paradise here.

Ways you can invite the fairies from your area to the congress…

1. Create a beautiful hand written invitation and tuck it into a tree, inviting the fairies of that place to come and re-charge and experience the possibilities of humans and fairies at their best.

2. Use a few drops of the fairy congress flower essence that was created last year on a stone and with intent whisper your invitation to the congress.

3. Place a beautiful shinny piece of cloth in your yard over night before you leave for the congress; ask that the fairies of that area that would like to attend to climb in. Fold up the cloth and bring it to the congress. When you are getting ready to return home be sure to call them back to the cloth, and give them an escort home.

4. Create a silly and fun song for the fairies of your land and home; sing it to them in appreciation and gratitude. When you arrive at the congress, sing your song and invite them to the congress…. they will follow your words and join our gathering.

5. Take a journey or mediate with the fairies of your area and ask them, “Would they like to attend? How would they like you to help them get there and home again?

See you at the Congress!

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