How to Start a Fairy Group in Your Area

The group in the Port Townsend area is going strong, Terry du Beau kindly wrote up some notes to help others get some groups started in other areas –

1) Ask the fairies! Spend time getting to know the elemental beings assigned to
your area. Call in their support. Hold a ritual, a tea party, or make a fairy
house – show up for them and expect them to show up for you!

2) You only need one other person to start. Pick a night and select a convenient
time for the season. Find a place. It could be at a beach, a park, or someone’s

3) Set the intention and have a theme. Read from Daphne Charters book: “Forty
years with Fairies”. Attached will be the themes we had in our Port
Townsend study group.

4) Don’t get discouraged. Our first meetings had a few people; our last one had
over twenty. Post it in a bookstore or any place fairy type folk may gather.
Post it on the Fairy Congress web site.

5) Fairy folk will always be there – set a place for them to sit. Plan where your
next meeting will be and what the theme is! Look for local speakers, dance,
and sing, read from all the various presenters’ books. Be open and creative.

6) Feel free to call on other people from the Congress for help! Especially the
council. Post pictures on the web site….spread the word of your success.


These are the topics covered in Port Townsend in 2018:
January 25: Stephanie Austin shared ways to commune with the angels of the zodiac and devas of the planets. Several people were interested in Uranus entering Taurus, so we communicated with Uranus and shared our experiences.
February 15: Michael Pilarski gave an introduction to the fairy/deva evolution. We visited Michael’s fairy library and walked down to Chimacum Creek, where we did a journey/meditation with nature spirits.
March 15: Many of us attended Jeremy Berg’s recent workshop on the Sidhe, so this month’s meeting focused on sharing our knowledge and experience with the Sidhe.
April 19: Dennis McDaniel introduced the fire ceremony of Agnihotra, which is performed daily in India and around the world. We then did a Agnihotra ceremony at precisely sunset and shared our experiences.
May 17: Cross species communicator Annie Clark shared some of her knowledge and experiences via both stories and instruction, helping us deepen our relationship with Nature and our ability to access
nonordinary reality.
June: No meeting, as it would be during the Fairy and Human Relations Congress

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