How to See Humans: A Fairy Perspective

by Elizabeth Saenz and The Fairies

“We love you and see you for the magical beings you are. You are these amazing paradoxes walking around in these dense forms. It’s beautiful!” the fairy named Azure blinks sweetly at me. She is the one who they sent to speak on this topic. Her blue shimmer is almost hypnotizing.

“Wait a second” I say “I first want to know why this is the topic chosen for this discussion today? Why do we need to know how you view us?”

“It’s simple. Those searching for a connection to Fairy think they need to understand us better to feel it. The truth is you need to understand yourself better and your connection to us to feel it.”

“Okay. So you were saying that we are a paradox and dense. Please explain because I could feel insulted.”

She giggles and shakes her head. Her long blue waves of hair bounce as if they are a separate consciousness. “You are dense as in the physical and energetically. You are a very dense form holding a very high vibration. That is amazing in ways you cannot even fathom. It is this form that allows Humanity to be the tuning fork of the Realms. You can attract and connect and be in the same space as any other being with a consciousness that exists.

Some of you are more “tuned” to us, some to Angels, some to spirits who have passed on, or to inter-dimensional beings, and on and on. Plus at any given time for any reason you can shift yourself to be more “tuned” to something else.”

“So you, as in Fairies, cannot connect with these beings?”

“We can connect with them but not the way you can and not as easily. In fact sometimes a Human being involved makes it easier to work together and connect.”

“Oh, alright. So what about this paradox piece? You all often tell me and others that we are a paradox, that the truth is in the paradox, and that we live in a paradox. I still don’t fully wrap my head around it.” While I am saying this I think back to the many times we have had this similar discussion. It seems to be the riddle they keep my mind busy with while they get me to do other stuff.

“Just what you said is a great example. We are bringing you answers for your feeling self and spiritual self but you want to understand it with your mind. Do you understand the color orange?

You know the color orange. You can see it and pick it out and color with it or wear it or paint it.

That is not understanding; that is being in the experience of orange. Do you think about the concept of orange? No. You accept it is a color that you have experienced and that it will always be a part of your reality. This is what you do most of the time. You have an experience and in that experience accept certain things as part of your reality and never think about them again.

Then there are certain things that you can experience, sometimes multiple times, and you will continue to pick it a part with your brain and refuse to accept it unless you have proof or can understand it.

Why one and not the other? Sometimes it is about denial but usually it is about social acceptability. So you refuse to accept things, people, experiences because you think that in accepting them it makes you unacceptable.” She points her long elegant finger at me to accentuate the last part.

“Okay I can accept that.” I give an impish smile “Please explain more.”

“Let’s talk about us Fairies. You think we are these amazing Divine beings who can do almost anything and magically make things happen. Yet you think we cannot help you? You limit the amount we can do for you. You decide before asking how we could maybe do it or not be able to.”

“Well, I know that I do that, but do others that work with you?”


“I think it stems from self worth at least for me, I don’t think I should bother you with my petty personal problems or little problems. I only ask when I feel desperate or it’s something big.”

“That is sometimes true. Why do you, and other Humans, do that? If you had a good friend that you loved would you want them to wait till they were desperate or facing something really hard before they asked you for help?”


“No, especially if it was something that to you felt simple. The things that you Humans have invested so much fear and worry and stress into are things that we see as very simple. From our perspective and abilities it is easy. You do things everyday that is much harder for us.”

“What? What do we do that you would see as hard?”

“You experience pain on many levels and keep digging to the bottom to find the Divine in the situation. You feel the separation from The One and from each other but continue to find ways to feel the connection again. You explore and unravel this complicated puzzle that is the individual Human and use what you find to inspire, connect, and shift Humanity as a whole. You all do this to varying degrees every moment of every day.”

I hope her words alone express the intense energy I felt when she said them. “I never thought of it that way. That is just Life.”

“Yes you just accept this as the experience of being Human, which it is, and do not try to understand it. This is why we love you and want to help you.”

“I think I’m starting to see myself and Humanity as a whole through your eyes. Can you tell me one last thing? I hear everything you are saying and the beauty in it. Some of it though makes me feel bad about a Human. I know it is my judgment but can you say something maybe a little more positive or give me another perspective on this judgment?” I ask sheepishly.

“We see it as a beautiful complex mosaic. The judgments you have about yourself and Humanity you will project on to many things. It is why so many Humans think we are mad about the way the Earth has been treated by Humans. They are projecting their own guilt on to us. Do you want to hear something positive? Everything you think about us being magical and Divine is your projection too. You are perfectly magical and definitely Divine sitting in your chair right now this moment and you have to do nothing else to make it so. Open to the exoticness of the Human being that is you. There is not another like you anywhere in your Realm or ours.” By the peaceful expression on her face I know we are done.

“Thank You!” I give a slight bow and a motion of thanks to her. She does the same and is gone just as fast as she came.

I hope this inspires you to take some time and try to view yourself from their perspective. Choose a day to watch yourself and your life like a Fairy. You may be surprised by what you see.

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