Global Significance of the Fairy Congress

The Global Significance of the

Fairy & Human Relations Global Congress

If we accept the premise that all plants, animals and nature are tended by nature-spirits and nature intelligences, than nature spirits are found worldwide. They are global. These are nested beings, nested hierarchies, annidated is the term. The Amazon River Deva is in touch with the devas of the all the rivers that flow into it, and each one of them in turn is in touch with all the streams that flow into that river. And the stream devas in turn are in touch with all the fairies of the individual rivulets and springs. Each of these are in touch with the fairies of local trees, shrubs, creatures, soil and soil. These small fairies direct even smaller elementals to affect change or balance the ecosystem. The Amazon River Deva’s consciousness encompasses all of these. Communication flows up and down this nested network of beings. The small pass questions to the next level up, and so on. Instruction and feedback flow back and forth. So when we humans at the Fairy & Human Relations Congress interface with fairy respectfully and with love, this communication is passed up and down these fairy chains.  We may be few but we are contributing a concerted human effort to send acknowledgement and love to the fairy realms in a spirit of cooperation to bring the planet back into balance.

Obviously there are a lot of imbalances in humanity’s relationship with Nature/Gaia. The world is facing multiple ecological crises which are worsening.  The stage is set for a world-wide, earth restoration movement. The need is ever more glaring. Planting trees, building soils and doing physical earth repair is the way for humans to make their love visible. Our restoration work will have better results if we humans tune into the networks of devas and nature spirits in the areas we are working and living.  As more humans become proficient in nature communication than humans can get a lot of useful information and get faster results with their cooperation. We would like to bring the restoration and fairy movements together. We like to use the word “co-creation”.  Humans and fairies working together building a world full of healthy, beautiful, bio-diverse ecosystems.

One of the goals of the Congress is to make more people aware of the possibilities of co-creation between the realms. Another goal is to connect with other people who are also working on this.  The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is only one of many individuals and networks working towards similar goals. This Global Congress is our reaching out to you. We would like to meet you!

As usual, there are people saying there are big changes coming soon. If things get more topsy-turvy in the world, probably even more important to work on our spiritual connections to the Earth.  We hope that life goes well for every one of you and that barriers don’t get in the way of you being with us at the Congress if you feel called to do so.  The doors are open.

Fairy blessings,


The Fairy Council

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