Global Earth Repair Conference, May 3-5, 2019

Big News! Michael Skeeter Pilarski is organizing a Global Earth Repair Conference on May 3-5 in Port Townsend, Washington at the Fort Worden Conference Center.

I could use your help in various ways.

* Help spread the word about the conference.

* Contribute to our crowdfunder (which will start sometime in November and run for 30 days) and share with others. Keep an eye open for that announcement.

* Attend the conference. Registration is already online.

* Join the organizing team. Lots of kinds of help are needed.


Dear friends of the fairies,

Global earth repair sound like a good idea to you? Certainly the nature fairies think it is a grand idea. The Global Earth Repair Conference (GERC) aims to bring together earth repair practitioners, indigenous people, farmers, scientists and grassroots organizers. The goal is to outline what the world needs to do to restore the entire world biosphere (one little piece at a time). GERC will bring together a lot of experts in earth regeneration. There will be many themes and tracks at the conference and one of them will be on communication and cooperation with nature intelligences on earth repair projects. Getting advice from fairies for ecosystem restoration projects. This is, of course, a common theme at the Fairy & Human Relations Congress, but seldom on the schedule of scientific conferences.

What is the relationship of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress and the Global Earth Repair Conference? As many of you know, I initiated the 1st Fairy & Human Relations Congress in 2001 (inspired by Daphne Charters description of the Fairy & Human Relations Congresses which were held in the fairy realm near London, England from the mid 1950s to at least the mid 1980s.

Now here I am in 2018 initiating a Global Earth Repair Conference. We could call it a grassroots, ecosystem restoration conference. One of my goals is an event where voices can be heard that aren’t heard at the big climate negotiations such as grassroots movements, small-holder farmers, indigenous people, local conservation groups and nature intelligences.

Mahala Frye, The Awakening Heart, Poulsbo, Washington is already on the presenter list for the Global Earth Repair Conference. She has been attending the Fairy & Human Relations congress for several years and gave a workshop. Mahala’s specialty is land clearing using the Perelandra method. The Perelandra method was developed by Machaelle Small Wright in Virginia partially as a tool for gardeners and farmers to get information from nature spirits. Working with the nature spirits to attain best garden production. One of her books is Perelandra Garden Workbook: A Complete Guide to Gardening with Nature Intelligences. The Perelandra material also outlines how to do land clearings of negative energy. We are not talking about land clearing in terms of cutting down trees. How to reduce, mitigate get rid of negative energies. Land can get imprinted with things like battlefields, atrocities, massacres, tragedies, anger, hatred, grief, etc. Clearing these energies can help land become more healthy.

Julie Charette Nunn, who has also presented at the Fairy Congress is developing a presentation for the earth repair conference. We could use a few more presenters along these lines. Depending on interest we will schedule some round-table discussions or a working group on cooperating with nature intelligences for earth repair. Exact wording to be developed.

Indigenous People & the Global Earth Repair Conference

The Global Earth Repair Conference wishes to highlight indigenous people’s viewpoints on restoration and how to live in harmony with Mother Earth. The Earth and all of its lifeforms, landforms and waters are sacred and intelligent. They deserve our respect and we humans should communicate and cooperate with them in this grand work of Earth regeneration.

To this end, we seek indigenous representatives to attend the GERC and to bring their perspectives and knowledge. We invite them to contribute to sacred ceremony and song at the event, to give presentations and attend sessions.

We realize that many indigenous people don’t have the funds to come to the conference. We seek to raise funds specifically to bring some representatives to GERC. We hope that many more will participate at a distance through the internet. There will be ways for them to comment, communicate and contribute before, during and after the conference via the internet.

We especially want to involve indigenous people who are actively doing earth repair and ecosystem restoration on their lands with their communities.

We acknowledge that indigenous people in general are discriminated against and their land rights often violated for earth-destroying activities like oil, hydroelectric dams, mining, illegal logging, etc. Securing land rights and the end of oppression are necessary for earth restoration and we should support their struggles against these negative forces as well as provide support for their self-determined earth repair activities.

We do have contact with some indigenous folks here in the Pacific Northwest, but not so much beyond here.. We could use help with indigenous connections if anyone has ideas. We have been talking to some people from Native American tribes, but have just begun this outreach. It would have been good to have local Native people involved with planning from the start but we are now in the process of contacting the local tribes and some from beyond. We are starting from humble beginnings so it will take some months to gradually reach more indigenous people from this region and internationally.

Youth and indigenous people are both necessary for global earth repair to be successful.

Here is an article on indigenous peoples struggle for protecting the land and their cultures.

Indigenous Peoples are fighting to save the earth for all of us

This scenario is not fictitious. It is a reality for many of the 370 million people worldwide who identify as Indigenous Peoples. If there could be a simple way to define them, we can agree that they are the living descendants of the pre-colonized inhabitants of lands now dominated by others.

Representing 5 percent of the world’s population, today many Indigenous Peoples are still excluded from society and deprived of their rights as equal citizens of a state. Living in 70 countries and speaking more than 4,000 native languages, they have gained increasing visibility for raising their voices on aggressive development policies that threaten the world’s remaining ecosystems and the biodiversity that depends on them.

“Even though violence against Indigenous Peoples is increasing, the Declaration should be celebrated. Without this Declaration, Indigenous Peoples wouldn’t have a chance to fight”, describes Julie Koch, Director of International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs.

It is also a strong reminder that the world’s Indigenous Peoples are key to saving our planet.

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