Flavia Kate Peters joining from UK

Flavia Kate Peters is joining us for the Global Fairy Congress from the UK and is helping spread the word in her UK networks. Flavia is the author of the book Fairies: Discover the Magical World of the Nature Spirits. 2018, Hay House. Her book introduces a wide range of fairy beings and has 44 exercizes in it to connect with them.

Dragon Magic

Here is a book review from Michael  Pilarski in the form of an email to Flavia.

“I just ran over to my bookshelf and grabbed your book “Fairies”. I opened the book to see what page would magically appear. It was pages 102-103 with the Exercize: Dragon Magic. So I did the exercise and it worked! The dragon that is already my ally showed up and we had a lovely conversation. One of the messages was that dragons have 360-degree vision.  There is no way to sneak up on a dragon, even when they are sleeping (though the dragon intimated that dragons might not need to sleep). So the dragon advised me to learn how to have a 360-degree, protective awareness including while sleeping. The dragons can help us with this. “

Flavia also volunteered to do the following workshop for us so we expect this workshop will be on our Monthly workshop list sometime this year.


FAIRY ELEMENTAL MAGIC with Flavia Kate Peters

Join Flavia Kate Peters, to discover how to work with faeries in conjunction with the elements that governs each and every one of us. Discover how you can connect with the Elemental Kingdom to re-awaken and bring yourself back into alignment with the natural world.

Fairies enhance our magical abilities, activate our inner wisdom and assist in healing on all levels. Discover how to work with the magical world of nature spirits in conjunction with the power of the elements, the 12 zodiac signs and elemental guides. Time to awaken and invoke the ‘mystic within’ as you align with the forces of the natural world.

Workshop includes magical altar work, herb magic, fairy spells and meditation.

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