Fairy Directory needs Helpers!


A service of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress

An internet guide to fairy people, groups, events, books, youtubes, movies, organizations, and so forth.  We want to be one of the best fairy portals on the internet.  Of course, it is not likely that you will get enlightened or transported to fairy realms while on the internet, but the internet can lead you to people, books, and resources that can help you on the path to enlightenment.   Spending time in nature is also a great spiritual practice.

The Fairy & Human Relations Congress includes under the umbrella of the word “fairy” all the otherworld beings of Earth and Nature, such as nature spirits, devas, fairies, faeries, elementals, Sidhe, unicorns, merpeople, sasquatch, dragons, undines, sylphs, gnomes, salamanders, pixies, and elves.


Hello fairy allies,

Collaborators are sought to help Michael Pilarski create an online Fairy Directory.

Way back in the early years of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress I created a Fairy Links Directory and it had 47 entries arranged into 11 categories.


I haven’t revised it since.  It needs to be updated and expanded.  I am looking for several people to collaborate with me on this mission.  Annie Clark has started helping and has already found several extensive, online fairy directories which we can review in our directory, however there is currently nothing on the internet as wide-ranging as what I am imagining .

I already have various lists of youtubes, movies and books which need to be properly categorized and reviewed.  We can do another push of internet research. Combine this with our updated Fairy Links, my current book reviews, and the sites of our Fairy Congress presenters and voila, a magical Fairy Directory!

Who would like to help on this project?  Must be self-motivated and willing to spend time researching on the internet and creating content.  People close enough to Port Townsend so that we could have face-to-face meeting would be great.  So far, that is me and Annie.  People at a distance can collaborate online.

Let me know if you are interested. We will schedule a meeting at my office in Port Hadlock once we have a few more people. People can call or Zoom conference call in to the meeting.

For the Earth,

Michael Pilarski

360-643-9178. friendsofthetrees@yahoo.com

if you have a favorite fairy-related book, youtube video, website or other resource you can also let us know at directory@fairycongress.groups.io

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