Fairy Congress Presenters over the years

Way back in 2006 I put together a chart which showed all the Congress presenters to date and which years they presented.  Finally I have updated the chart and here it is, to the best of my current ability.  The new chart lists 137 presenters. What a great group of presenters! Among them are some of the leading names in the world today.  Between all of them, we have been exposed to a great deal of knowledge and inspiration about the fairy and faery realms.

2 presenters have presented 13 times out of our 21 years.

They are Robert J. Stewart and Orion Foxwood.

2 presenters have presented 10 times

2 presenters have presented 8 times

4 presenters have presented 7 times

5 presenters have presented 6 times

6 presenters have presented 5 times

7 presenters have presented 4 times

8 presenters have presented 3 times

28 presenters have presented 2 times

63 presenters have presented 1 time

This adds up to a total of 311 workshops over 20 years for an average of between 15 and 16 workshops per Congress.

I am aware that this isn’t totally accurate. I looked at all the posters for lists of presenters.  I looked at old documents I had in my computer. I looked through every photo album and every youtube on our website and looked for faces of presenters I knew. In spite of all that I know some presenters have been missed or that I don’t have all their years they presented and even in some cases may have gotten the wrong year of presentation, but this is the best I can do with the means at my disposal.  We are publishing this chart so that everyone else in the community can send in additions and corrections.  Anyone who has presented should check their listing carefully to see if we got the years and the numbers of times right.  I am reasonably certain that we got the first 6 years right.

Send changes to Michael Pilarski, friendsofthetrees@yahoo.com and we will keep updating the chart.
The chart is a google doc you can access here: