December newsletter

Putting the Congress together is always a bit of an adventure, since it is all co-created with our Spiritual Allies we generally don’t get all the information up front.  A small group of the Fairy Council met last weekend and got more of the pieces, and we are EXCITED!!  The fun part is when we are given instructions and they are just so perfect it keeps us motivated to continue the work.

Normally we are all traveling to one place to experience the magic of Congress, then we come home and wonder how to continue the magic in our home space.

This year during the Global Congress we will plant Fairy Congress magic in our home space and neighborhoods, to strengthen our relationships with our Nature Spirit buddies in our immediate environment and foster a continuing connection that can grow with time.

How exciting is that?!??

The image we will be working with for the Global Congress is Indra’s Net, from Hindu mythology.  Indra is a Vedic Deva, his net hangs from the World Axis at the center of creation, there is a jewel at each vertex of the net, and each jewel reflects the light of all the other jewels. And WE get to be the jewels!

We each get to be the Light and reflect the Light of each other.  This Light will be planted in the Earth in our home space to keep feeding us in our journeys.

Join us and be a jewel to light up the Earth!!  Register HERE

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