Crystal Skulls and the Sidhe

Crystal Skulls and the Sidhe
by Mahala Frye

The Sidhe are our cousins, emerging out of a deep energetic connection from the dawn of time. In the early days before humanity descended very far into matter and misunderstandings became common, we often met, danced and celebrated in special places upon the earth. These places were held by living stones, elders who held the wisdom and the energy of place and relationship. Over the centuries and perhaps millennia many of these circles were abandoned but there are some that still can be found and experienced.

Beltany Stone Circle in Ireland is one such place. I know because I was there and met a Sidhe person while listening to the wind playing Peter Berry’s harp. What a blissful, magical moment! I wandered around the circle, touching and blending with the intelligences within the giant stones. I lay in the center listening to Peter play and communing with the Sidhe person hovering above me. All made possible by the extraordinary energy in this circle.

These vortex sites are available in this country as well, circles holding this energy that allow beings like the Sidhe to merge their vibration with ours so we can have these experiences. Sometimes these sites are in our area and sometimes we travel to them. The journey can be part of the blessing but we don’t always have the means, or time to travel so I have found that using the Crystal Skulls to create this vortex is also possible.

The Crystal Skulls are amazing beings of light and holders of wisdom and consciousness. They are
here now at this time to support us in our journey toward higher consciousness. Like crystals they
amplify, reflect, refract, transmit, attune and store information. I have found they are also able to
provide a home for intelligences who want to be of service, but are unable or unwilling to generate a body at this time.

Working with the skulls can create a vortex. Sitting and meditating with one skull by itself is enough to create a vortex and will significantly raise the vibration of the site. A circle of skulls can create a much more powerful source of high frequency energy. This creates a vibrational bridge that allows beings from higher dimensions to more easily connect with us. And voila! With our intentions and our beautiful crystal helpers we have replicated a sacred site and place to connect with our cousins the Sidhe.

We will be doing this Crystal Skull, Sidhe meditation during the July 2021 Fairy and Human Relations Congress. Come join us there and if you are a skull caretaker, feel free to bring one or more of your crystal skulls to join the fun!

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