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Welcome to the Community!

Instead of having to travel hours and hours and miles and miles to experience the magic of Fairy Congress, the magic of Fairy Congress is now coming right to your HOME!

Imagine LIVING in that field of alive and awake Nature Spirits and Fairies showering you with their love and blessings every day! Doesn’t it give you tingles just thinking about it?? Even if you are already experienced with connecting with Nature, the support and container of a community can take you deeper still into the blessings of reUnion between the Realms.

As part of the Fairy Congress community you will:

– tap into the Joy and Bliss that Fairies love to share
– have a more consistent experience of Magic in your everyday life
– acquire techniques and insight to deepen your relationship with the world of Nature
– foster and inspire a regular practice of connecting with Nature Spirits
– meet new allies, both Human and Fairy, to enhance and benefit your life
– join a community that has been building since 2001.

Fairy Congress gave me the necessary nourishment for continuation to the next level of my spiritual journey” – Tiffany, Portland OR


Taking workshops on connecting to the Fairy and Spirit realms is a great way to acquire techniques and insights, but practicing the techniques is the route to a deeper relationship with Nature.  An ongoing practice allows the teachings to be integrated into your being and creates the support to move into a deeper level of communion.

Being in community allows us to build a bigger container to support a stronger, deeper meditative experience and more effective co-creation.  Coming together to commune with spiritual allies enhances the vibrational field and amplifies our individual capacities. All of our allies also come together, creating a very strong network of support.

“Over this past year, I have attended many of the online sessions from amazing Healers and Intuitives channeling beings of fun and light with important messages for us to hear.  All of these sessions allowed my soul to soar and feel the potent energies of the guides and our allies calling for our awakenings. Much healing has happened.  During these 3rd Saturday trips into the other realms, I have literally felt my being filling up with light burning out old head trips and feelings of “unworthiness” replaced with unconditional warm love.” – Annie, Eugene, OR

Have you ever been to a workshop and had an amazing spiritual experience, only to go home to connect on your own and not be able to reproduce it?  That is due to the energetic field created by the group intention. Being able to practice regularly in a community will enhance ALL of our fields.  As the fairies say: “Imagine what we can do together!

Benefits of Community Membership:

The Community Platform is a place where you can share experiences, ask questions, and connect with like-minded people.  We have a schedule of weekly posts as well as a monthly schedule of zoom calls.

Weekly Schedule
Monday Meditation: 
every Monday we will share a short, simple exercise as a practice to connect with the Subtle Realms.  We hope that you will do it at least once during the week, or it may be something to just keep gently in your awareness throughout the week.

Tuesday is Tree Day: support the trees by sharing photos of trees that you have met either recently or long ago. We prefer trees that you have met in person, but if you come across a photo of one online that really grabs you, you can share that too.

Wednesday: Question of the week, to prompt introspection and sharing of our journeys

Thursday: Member profiles. We will be sharing a brief spiritual biography of members of the community so we can all get to know each other more in depth.

Friday is Feel Good Friday: share something fun about your Fairy relationship! It can be something that happened during the week, perhaps as a response of the Monday Meditation, or it could be something that happened earlier that gives you the warm fuzzies and you just want to share!


Monthly Schedule
We have set up series of zoom meetings throughout the month, opportunities to connect more ‘in-person’ than thru typing.  You can come to all of them, you can come to none of them, they are offered as opportunities when they fit. Some of them will be recorded, as noted below.

New and Full Moons, Short Fairy Tune-ups. The times and days will vary depending on the moon cycle, but there will be one half hour session in the evening Pacific time for those on the west coast and another in the morning for those on the east coast and in Europe. We may do a coning, or go to the Crossroads, share some Faery Essences or do other attunements, it’s a quick re-alignment of energy to keep us in harmony with the Fairy realms.

Second and Fourth Fridays, 7:30-9:30pm Pacific Time: Shamanic Circle for Subtle Activism. We work together with our non-physical allies to help shift the situation on the planet. These are generally not recorded.

Second Sunday, 5:30pm Pacific TimeBook Club discussion.  The current book is Nature Spirits: The Remembrance by Susan Raven.  This is recorded for those that cannot attend live, but we will only keep the recording around for one month, then it will be replaced by the recording of the next meeting. There is on-going discussion in the network.

Third Saturday, 9am – 11am Pacific TimeMonthly Workshop with Guest Speaker.  These will be recorded for later viewing.  Access to all previous workshops are available when you join the community.


We look forward to adding more fun happenings, like virtual and live in-person field trips.  Let us know if there is anything you would like to see, any suggestions for meditations, or anything else!

Though I’ve had a ridiculously challenging year, I find comfort as soon as I connect with the Fairy Congress. The magic dwells within this network whether I or we are all actively connected or not… It’s the unspoken support & Joy I feel within a community of my human peeps & elementals & all living things” – Belle, CA


December workshop, Saturday December 18th, 9am PST:
Shamanic Solstice Circle with Jan Kinsey, Lindsey Swope and Saliha Abrams

This workshop falls on a full moon, three days before Winter Solstice, one of the most Holy days of the Natural year.  The solstice is when patterns for the following year can be divined, and intentions set. This year, the Full Moon will shed light on the darkest time of year, a good opportunity to see down the hidden pathways into the unseen realms.  We will journey for ourselves and for each other to ask our guides for illumination on our upcoming journeys.


The Global Congress in January takes the place of a monthly workshop


February workshop, Saturday February 19th, 9am PST:
Communicating and Co-Creating with the Elemental Kingdom with Susan Raven

In this workshop Susan will introduce and explore the methods and exercises leading to seership and communication as prescribed by the philosopher, scientist and seer Rudolf Steiner. Participants will focus on ways in which they can build a line of communication with the Nature Spirits in order to gain information about and insight into their parallel world. By consciously working together with the elementals – which reside in earth, water, air and fire – we can become responsible co-creators at this critical time in our evolution.

Susan Raven is a long-time student of anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner’s methods for seeing into supersensible realms which has resulted in her now being able to interact with the realms of the elementals and nature spirits. She undertook further training with Dorian Schmidt, Director of the Biodynamic Research Institute, and now presents talks and workshops around the UK which offer a practical methodology for communicating with the realm of Nature Spirits and Elementals.  Living among the hills of mid-Wales where the elemental world remains largely untouched and notably vibrant, Susan sees her extended senses as not only a reward for her inner journey but as a responsibility to Nature’s hidden worlds, the residents of which look to human activity to ensure a viable future for all living beings.

She is the author of Nature Spirits: The Remembrance –  A guide to the Elemental Kingdom (Clearview Books 2012) and is also a singer-songwriter with two CD releases, ‘Glittering Cities’ and ‘Ravensong’.  To listen to Susan’s music visit https://www.susanraven.com/preview/

March workshop, Saturday March 19th Topic TBA!

April workshop, Saturday April 16th, 9am PST:
Embodied Enchantment: Living as “Faery-Remembered” with Diomira Rose

What if you knew (remembered) yourself as a living pathway of connectedness within Gaia’s sacred ecology? What if this experience of embodied truth was the place from which you engaged with the living tapestry of multidimensional life? Drop into the gnosis of everyday life and enjoy and revel in this natural way of being when, through the touch loving infinite embrace, you heal and resolve stuck imprints within your inner energy pathways using sacred earth essences* as powerful medicines of inner alchemy and soul transformation.

Together we will explore:
– Faery as the lens of entrance into the original Gaian vision of the ancient future Now
– Starting from within using the spiritual and physical heart as your zero-point
– Earth essences of flowers, trees, stones, sacred earth mysteries, and elemental forces as revolutionary vibrational medicines of our present time
– Working with essences, not only as healing tools, but also as encoded pathways of love and remembrance to journey you into the super-relevant Heart of Faery, which carries non-verbal pulses of insight from the Heart of the World.

*Please note: essences are not to be confused with essential oils.

As a Keeper of New Avalon, Diomira Rose D’Agostino offers transmissions of remembrance to awaken your own embodied reality of enchantment. Through mythic threshold journeys, medicines of forest, flower, and elemental alchemy, encoded stories and New Earth community Diomira co-creates experiences of collaborative partnership and interspecies relations among the faery and human cohorts of Gaia to support your soul’s holy remembrance.
An author, ordained minister, Dragon Rose Priestess, and master healer, much of her work has included traveling to sacred sites the world over to listen to the pulse of truth within the heart of the land and translate that in an effort to support interspecies reconciliations among Gaians, originate New Earth mythology and build energy structures and star temples within the New Earth.
Through heart-centered consciousness, she invites you into the co-creative, multi-realm experience of sacred ecology that lives within the point of confluence between the heart of nature and the heartof humanity.


I want to thank you for the addition of the Annual Fairy Congress program. Even though I have been part of the Congress for most of it’s 20 years, I am SO glad I joined the Annual program. The weekly posts and monthly workshops have kept me engaged with nature and the unseen realms on a consistent basis, and has deeply enriched my life. It really has taken the learnings from the Congress to the next level and beyond. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to see what you bring us next year.” – Mary, Bradenton, FL

If you have a connection to the fairies, rejoice that you have found your family!  No one may divide us asunder – neither from your human family or your fairy family. Our connection is beyond the physical earth plane.  Our bonds go beyond mere lifetimes. Our divine nature cannot be denied. We may lose our connection in one lifetime but it will be renewed in others. We are divine, sovereign beings with the capacity to transcend time and other dimensions. 

If you are attracted by our Fairy & Human Relations Congress please heed the call. The doors are open. You are invited! The faery realms (and the human members of our community) are eager and waiting to communicate and to work with you towards the evolution of Planet Earth and human souls. 

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