Calling All Teens!

I would love to hear from any and all teens regarding what they would like to have at Fairy Congress.  My hope for you is to provide means and ways to tap into your intuition, develop your sense of discernment for creating healthy helping allies in among the Fey. I also want to foster understanding the need for discernment, protection and boundaries in the other realms and this realm. These sources of support can be of considerable value to you as you navigate your changing roles in your family, discern your peer and love relationships, and plot a course for your life’s work.

What I want to know is; what do you want, how can I be of support to you?

I also hope that you have a lot of fun.

This year we have offerings from Jenny Jo Allen again, who is bringing back crystals from her trip toTucson to use with you guys. We have an intuitive who does Past Life and Soul Path readings who would love to work with the teens. And we have an elder Shaman who is a story master.

Do any of you want to create a workshop? Anyone want to volunteer with the kids or tweens? Anyone want to organize an all ages capture the flag game or other rollicking activity?

Contact me at sarawyckoff01@gmail.com

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