Building Relationships with the Fairies

Building Relationships with the Fairies

by Lindsey Swope, Founder of Skalitude Retreat

April 2008

In recent years, many people have learned how to tune into angels, fairies and other spiritual beings to ask for guidance. Spiritual beings do have much to offer us, and we can benefit greatly from their input.  The current environmental and earth changes have created a vital need for us to reciprocate, to give back to spiritual beings, to help them as they also deal with these changes. This is especially true of the Fairy realm, those who are closely connected to the physical planet and its well being.

There are many things that we can do for the fairies, both energetically and physically. One of the most powerful and simple things we can do is to give them offerings. The traditional offering gift is one of food, such as bread or cake, or fermented beverage, such as wine or beer. The idea is to give them something from nature that has been transformed by human energy, so that we are giving them something of ourselves.  A gift of wine can be poured directly into the ground, one of food may be left out for the fairies to partake of its essence.  Since the fairies do not consume the physical part, you should return later to remove the remains.
If you are leaving an offering in a wild area and aren’t able to return later, it is good to leave healthy, organic food that won’t be harmful to birds or other small creatures.

Some people make special cakes just for the fairies.  You can also give them a portion of something you make for yourself, like a slice off of a loaf of bread, or one cookie out of a batch.  Traditionally you are supposed to give to the fairies before you partake of it yourself, I have found the fairies where I live aren’t too picky about that – if I’m hungry and happen to eat one first before I go out to offer one, they still appreciate it! Factory-made foods don’t have as much vital energy, and generally don’t make very good offerings.

Different cultures do have different traditions regarding offerings.  In the Native American tradition, tobacco and cornmeal are often used.  In my experience, these are appropriate if you have a personal connection with that culture, or if the spirits in question specifically ask for them.
Listen to your own intuition for what feels right.

Fairies also enjoy spontaneous natural art as an offering, like creating a small sculpture out of twigs, lichen, small rocks, pine cones, any natural material that may be found on site. Remember that fairies like color, so incorporate rocks or leaves of different colors to make it beautiful. In general, cut flowers are NOT an appropriate offering, as they are nature’s creation and not ours to offer. Dried flowers can be appreciated however, especially in winter when there isn’t much other color around. A favorite offering of the fairies where I live is a circle of dried flowers on snow, with a stick of incense in the middle. I use a mixture of lavender, rose petals, and calendula or marigold for a nice color palette. Another idea, if you have a yard or live in a natural area, is to light a candle in the window at night, offering the light to the fairies.

You can also go into nature and offer a song especially for the fairies.
They like flute and melodic instruments, as well as voices singing in harmony. Crystal bowls, chimes, harp, bells . . . use your imagination. But it should be live music and not electronic.  Playing heavy metal on a boom box isn’t appropriate!

Offerings can also be energetic rather than physical. A very basic one is to find a place in nature, take time to notice and observe the beauty around you using all of your senses, then focus on sending out waves of gratitude and appreciation. Speak to the fairies (you can do it silently if there are other people around!), and let the energy flow from your heart. One of my favorite offerings is to go sledding in winter, and as I am sliding down the hill I send out all my energy of fun, joy and happiness to the fairies. They love that one!

An important element when giving offerings and building relationships with fairies is to be consistent. Making repeated offerings through time, especially at the same place, works very strongly to build potency in your relationship. Just like with human friends – if you meet someone once, they are an acquaintance, it takes time and repeated meetings to become friends. Frequent, small offerings are more important than large, fancy occasional offerings. These offerings support and nourish the fairies, strengthening their presence and making it easier for them to withstand and transmute some of the negative environmental impacts they have to deal with. In this way we are re-establishing the alliance that once existed between humans and fairies.

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