Make the Most of this Moment!

The Congress is designed as an immersive experience, here are some tips to fulfill its potential for transformation in your life.

Clear Your Calendar!  The schedule for the Global Congress is designed with breaks so you are not at your computer all weekend.  The intention is that you will go outside and connect with Nature near your home during those breaks, for grounding and integration, and also perhaps to hear messages from your Fairy friends.  It will work best if you don’t have lots of errands to run or other distractions during those times!

However, life being what it is, don’t worry if you can’t make it to everything.  All sessions except for the small group discussions will be recorded if you can’t make it during the weekend.  If you need to prioritize, we suggest trying to make it to the Saturday evening ritual live, along with whatever circle and discussion times you can manage.  Attending at least one circle before the ritual will harmonize you to the energy field of the Congress and support a deeper experience of the ritual.

One great aspect of the Might Networks community platform is that if you are watching something after the event weekend and have a question, there is a place and a community available to help you.

Set Your Space! If you have access to a private space at home, claim it for the weekend!  There will be singing at various times, you may want to sing along, and other times we will be in quiet meditation.  Alert your co-habitants that you’ve got something special going on!  They are welcome to watch over your shoulder if that helps!

Make your Space Sacred Besides just claiming your space on the physical level, you will also want to make it clean and clear energetically to make it easier to connect to your Fairy allies over the weekend.  Tidy up as best you can.  If possible, the Fairies would love it if you built a little altar for them to hang out, Council member Annie Clarke made a sweet video about this, posted on our blog here: https://www.fairycongress.com/new-videos-fairy-altars-and-a-lovely-interview/

You may want to light a candle at the beginning of each session to bring the Light of Spirit forward into your space.  You could also use incense or essential oils to help you shift your vibration and let your psyche know that you are stepping beyond ordinary reality. Lavender, Lemon Balm and Mint are all nice, but your local health food store may have testers so you can find something just right for you.

We will be tuning into the four directions through out the weekend, if you are familiar with where East, South, West and North are, your work will be more powerful and grounded.

Keep Your Body Happy Some people have a hard time paying attention in a virtual setting.  It’s hard to keep the mind focused when the body is feeling fidgity.  We suggest downloading some mandala coloring pages and have some colored pencils handy so your hands have something to do.  This can help keep you grounded as your mind and spirit engage with the material.  Knitting, crocheting or any other crafts are also good if you know how to do them.  Or try doing some basic yoga stretches on the floor while listening, put yourself in a receptive state!

Things to Bring: besides the items mentioned above, for the ritual you will need a candle and a stone.  The stone will be placed outside your home after the ritual, so make sure it’s one that feels appropriate for that.  About 2 to 4 inches across is probably a good size, small enough you can hold, but big enough so it doesn’t get lost outside.  You may also want an eye mask for some of the meditations.

Update zoom: having the most recent zoom update will make sure your experience is technologically the best it can be!

Watch the Documentary If you haven’t been to a physical Congress, we encourage you to take the time to watch our half hour documentary to set the mood and get into the energy of the event.  It’s right on our home page!