A Message to Humanity from The Fairies

By Elizabeth Saenz and The Fairies

The energy of who you are, is not limited by the forms it takes. It is still all a part of the One. The human form that you are taking is the best way to get to the pure form. Humans have this thought process that somehow they are less than other Beings, say us (fairies) or the dragons, because they are more dense, because they aren’t as aligned with the God energy all the time.

The truth is that the beings who have chosen to be Fairy, to be Angelic, to be Dragon, to be Ascended Master, whatever, and hold that form, they now are just that energy. A very pure state of it, but they can not pull from the other energies. A Fairy can not channel through Angelic energy.

It is just not possible for us, because we have chosen a certain vibration, a certain fluid way of being. So, in our fluidity, in our vibrational energy pattern being raised, however you want to look at it, we have lost that ability. You need to be more dense in order to open to the lighter side. Air can not hold water the way that a cup can.

So, though you are denser, more structured in your way of being in your earth plane, it is also that structuring that has allowed you the ability to pull forward many energies, many ways of being and embody them and bring them to the earth plane.

Why do you think all of us treasure humanity so? Humanity it is the place that all the energies blend back together. It is like it starts at the One and gets spread out in a spectrum through all these different avenues. And it is through humanity that it can pull those energies back together to the One again, the other side of the spectrum. There is a way to become so light, so open, that you lose the individuality and become part of the One. There is a way to get so focused that all the individualities get brought together into one Individuality, and to the One. That is why it is so important for us that humanity continues to open. We can work with the Angels, but we can not combine our energy with their energy unless there is a human there to do it. We can work with the Dragons, but we can not combine our energy with them unless there is a human to do it.

It is a great honor to be human. Stop trying to be something else. Humanity has too many judgments about itself. It needs to love itself. Humanity is a very honorable thing. A human being is a very honorable thing to be. Yes, you have the dark side. You have the polarity, the duality. But that is what helps anchor you. That is what helps keep the denser part of you which is what really allows you to open and bring all of these energies together, to the cup that holds the etheric waters.

It is the human form that is able to blend all the energies together and pull them forward. It is not about people wanting to be more Fairy. It isn’t about understanding our Realm and who we are and trying to go there. It is for humanity to understand who they are and their important part in this expanded universe of the many realms and the many beings.

It is wonderful to be a human at this time. There are some amazing things going on. As a human you get to experience all of them! All the great work being done by all the beings all around you! You are sitting at the spiritual buffet of life!

It is time for humanity to get it! Why all the beings say they love them so much. Why we talk about how important it is for them to keep moving forward. Why they have been chosen to be these wonderful beings called human.

It is not some lowly form. It gives the filters, the ability to see the beauty of everything and to pull from many places, many energies and experience them. Watching humanity sometimes is like watching the great master violin player walk around in beggar’s clothing. Not playing a violin. Not sharing its gifts with the world. Not taking care and honoring the talent that lays there.

We offer you the violin. Play it! Bring all your talent forward to the earth and see what an amazing talented being you are by just naturally being you, this highly evolved being called human.
-The Fairies

Heart/Wing Meditation
By Elizabeth Saenz

Sit comfortably, with your eyes closed, and take three deep breaths. Visualize a beautiful light in the center of your being, in the middle of your heart. See this light expanding out the middle of your back and becoming wings or tendrils. Allow these to create a space for wonderful God light to pour into your body. Notice this light filling up your chest, you do not have to pull or push the energy it just flows gently in. Let this energy rise up and over your shoulders, down your arms, and out your hands. Feel the energy rising up your throat and neck, into your head, and flowing out the top.

Now see the energy flowing down from your chest through your stomach, down your spine, over your belly, and into your hips. See this energy streaming down your legs over your knees, down into your feet, and out your toes. See all this energy pouring out of your body and into the Earth. Watch as the energy goes deep down into the Earth and connects with its crystalline core. Allow this energy to expand out, filling up the earth all the way to the surface. See this great energy expanding out through the atmosphere flowing through our universe and out into the cosmos.

Let this energy get as big and go as far as it want s. Now sit in this energy and realize you are a part of it. Feel your connection to the great one-ness of the cosmos. You can ask for information or just soak up this abundant energy. When you are ready become aware of your body in the room you are sitting in, but know you are always connected to this great energy.

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