A Healing Mission: Blending and Becoming

Blending & Becoming

A Healing Mission

Michael Pilarski, Jan 13, 2020

I just read a letter from a dear friend describing her ongoing bout with cancer. Of course, I immediately wanted to send extra angels and fairies to her aid. 

To that end I convened the multi-dimensional team of nature spirit fairies, Sidhe, animal ally, plant ally, dragon, and color being that I work with on a regular basis.  To up the amperage on our request for angel and fairy reinforcements, we combined forms to become a composite being. Let’s call him/her Allwyn.  Through Allwyn we sent combined healing energies to my friend and there is some kind of multiplication factor.  Each of the team members retains an individual consciousness as well as experiencing the group consciousness, so we were all able to reach up the chain of higher beings on our own evolutions with the request.  This unleashed a large flow of energy with very bright lights (looking something like the Aurora Borealis) and a wave of angels and of the healing fairies called Farices. 

My human mind then grasped that the angels and fairies we had requested had to integrate into the existing structure of angels and fairies already working with my friend.  In fact, she was highly protected from outside energies.  In a sense, the new angels and fairies had to present their credentials to be allowed on the case.

This may be the first time that we formed Allwyn with an intent to send healing angels and fairies to a particular person. We usually have a strong mission before we do a Blending & Becoming exercise to form Allwyn. So it is relatively infrequent, but by now there have been dozens of missions. 

Sending angels and fairies to the bedsides of ailing friends and people in danger is something I have been doing for most of my life.  I have requested oh so many angels over the years!  They probably have a special angel caseworker for my requests.  My understanding is that there are an infinite number of angels on call. Not so sure about the fairies. Angels will answer the call of any human. As a sovereign human being, we can each request angels and fairies for healing work.  However, the more spiritually advanced and purer the intent of the requester the better. I operate on the assumption that the more angel requests we give, helps open the pathway for more.  

Doing this healing mission as Allwyn was an eye-opener and we will have to do more of this. 

I mention this story in the hopes that it will encourage more inter-evolutionary cooperation with our spiritual allies. Everyone has spirit allies for better or for worse. People who have a lot of love in their hearts attract a high level of spirit allies.  I would not recommend a blending & becoming exercise to anyone with ill intent.  This work is for people of good intent with high-level spirit allies.

The Allwyn name is derived from the Old English personal names Alfwin, and Elwin, as well a collection of other names containing the elements oelf, which means elf, and wine, which means friend.

This is the kind of inter-evolutionary cooperation we talk about at the Fairy & Human Relations Congress.

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