Søren Hauge

Thursday Immersion with Soren Hauge

Reconnecting with the Sidhe: Unleashing your Gentle Wildness

Reconnecting with our Sidhe relatives is really a family reunion. However, after long separation we have developed in different ways and we need to approach each other with deep appreciation – also for our differences. We need to “stand in our land” and meet them with our full dignity, and they will cross the bridge knowing that we are possible partners in a new, shared future of Gaian wholeness.

In meeting The Sidhe we approach something deeply hidden within ourselves – our own forgotten Sidhe-nature. This Authentic, Gentle Wildness is partly daunting, partly fascinating. It challenges some of our most deeply rooted fears and disowned aspects – and at the same time it invites us into the forgotten magic and haunting beauty we long for and need.

So how do we approach our hidden Sidhe-treasures and unleash the living wilderness within our heartland? This is the theme for this workshop. We will experience and share the taste of ‘Sidheness’ and love becoming more human in the most wonderful way. A mixture of teaching, exercises and gentle, wild presence will be our guide into the new, Gaian Dawn.

Thursday June 21 2018, 4pm – 8pm, a salmon dinner for participants is included.  $60