Mahala Frye

Mahala has spent most of her life in the Pacific Northwest, where a deep love of the waters, mountains, and trees developed along with her profound love for the Great Mother Goddess. A degree in Fine Arts started Mahala on a path connecting Sacred Beauty and Healing. From many rewarding years creating and selling art jewelry, she morphed her business to a woodworking one.

Along the way, Mahala’s footsteps took her onto a Path where all her learning and various practices connected and were subservient to her commitment as Priestess to the Great Mother: she is a 3 rd Degree Priestess and Elder in the Majestic Tradition of Wicca, and she practices Theta Healing, as well as Reiki. Mahala operates within the Core and Peruvian Shamanism systems, which have blended seamlessly with her many years of experience working with the Perelandra materials.

Mahala currently pursues her Healing arts through The Awakening Heart, a Shamanic
Practice based on the Kitsap Peninsula.

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