Kathleen ‘Tougher’ Greco

Kathleen “Tougher” Greco ‘aka’ Auriel Rose is the Keeper of Dragon Crystals.  She is the Dragon Crone of the Pacific Northwest, which has been her home for her present life’s incarnation.  Auriel and her husband, Moz Wright are the stewards of 126 acres and the guardians of a giant crystal collection at Dragons’ Gate Crystal Retreat Wellness Center, thirty minutes south of Olympia, Washington along the Skookumchuck River.
Besides her earth grid work with the giant crystals, Auriel is a sacred singer and has been doing ceremony since the age of six. She has been the bard for the Druids of Glastonbury Tor at Spring Equinox dawn ceremony as well as sang the “Ave Maria” in Latin in a cathedral dedicated to Mary Magdalene in Southern France.
A unique combination of sound healing and giant crystals enables Auriel to assist others to reach a deeper appreciation of crystal consciousness.  She recently acquired a U-1, a special device that allows a plant to manipulate a musical synthesizer, created by the group studying plant consciousness at Federation of Damanhur, Italy. Giving the plants a “voice” has allowed Auriel and Moz to have a deeper appreciation of the consciousness of plants.
Auriel offers giant crystal bed sessions in which she includes Sound Healing at her home Dragons’ Gate Garden located half way between Seattle and Portland.  Auriel and Moz offer Laser Reiki sessions.  They can be reached at 360 264 5110 or

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