Fern DeFay

The IrReverend Miss Lady Fern DeFay  If I was to create a modern fairy tale of a fairy changeling formed by the love affair of a tree nymph & satyr incarnated though a human mother with fairy blood to become the magical heir to their shared fae lineage & bring The Ancestors through to the Modern Age to usher a Magical Revival of the Old Ways into the New World, it wouldn’t be too far off from my own life story!
When I was the magical #13 years old my mother, “came out of the broom closet,” & began to teach me in “the Ways of the Wise” of our Celtic Ancestors & their Fairy Gods & Goddesses.  I began my training as a “World Walker” & spent my years in high school living a double life as an Honor Roll Student by day & Teen Witch training in The Craft by moon light.  Before puberty set in I considered myself a “Born Again Pagan” & I was resolute to make the life changing decision to give myself as a virgin offering to the Goddess & devoted myself as a Priestess’ Assistant & Altar Girl.  Upon graduation I enrolled in secular university studying Anthropology with a specialty in World Religion & Ritual, while simultaneously undergoing training in a Pagan Mystery School (founded & taught by my mother) to become a Priestess of Love & “Fairy Cunning Woman” with emphasis in Druid Magic & Faery Lore.
In my post collegic years I have founded the Church of Funk & have been facilitating Funk Baptisms for those that wish to become Funk Super Heros know as Star Children serving as Lighthouse Flashlights to be the Mothership Connection wherever they live & roam!* I have been in attendance at the Fairy Human Relations Congress since it’s second year missing only one since then due to illness* I have been blessed with the ongoing most glamorous gig as Night Time Tea Fairy so feel free to find me there for a chat in the Tea Haven while together at the Fairy Congress!***

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