cat n rad xmas 16

Cat Spydell

Cat Spydell is an author, animal communicator, psychic healer, and environmental activist living by the ocean near Los Angeles. As a non-denominational minister and high priestess, Cat founded the Path of Personal Truth. When Cat was writing her novel The Fairies of Feyllan, she learned to commune with devas of the fae realm and tap into their energy. Working with these energies, she transformed her relationships with all living beings, from rocks to plants to animals.  Cat is an animal handler, assisting injured or orphaned wild animals, and owns and operates her own private animal rescue, Pixie Dust Ranch. Two and a half years ago there was a knock at Cat’s door. Someone in her community had found a tiny orphaned baby peachick. Many adventures later, and Radagast, now an adult male blue Indian peacock, will be in attendance at Fairy Congress this year. Rad the Peacock, an education bird who goes to schools, libraries, and Boys and Girls’ Clubs for talks, is the only tame adult male peacock around, and he will be available for a meet-and-greet during Cat’s workshop.