Fairy & Human Relations Congress Thursday Immersion Tickets

Monday Immersion with Creeksong

Bliss and Magic as Daily Experience: Why leave it behind at the Fairy Congress?

Create bliss and magic as the daily experience you yearn for! Then discover how it initiates your personal co-evolutionary relationship with the Invisible Realms.
In this workshop you will practice simple techniques to:
• Instantly (re-)connect into the bliss fields where ALL of the invisible realms live
• Awaken to the group of faeries that are guardians of its entrance
• Gain the curiousity and personal attention of the Fae by speaking their ‘energy language’ of ritual and ceremony
• Build respectful relationships and recognize the peer connection they prefer (as well as teach any ‘angry’ fae beings you may encounter how to release/heal from outdated victim beliefs)
• Sustain your stay between realms for longer and longer periods of time, making peace and joy a natural way of living
• Begin to understand & heal your subconscious fears of remaining there
Individual channelings to connect participants to Nature Beings requesting relationship with them will be a part of the workshop. An FB group page for sharing experiences, asking questions and continuing your practice will be created.

Monday June 25, 2018, 9am -1pm.  Lunch is included.  $65