Three meals a day are available to everyone. We gather as a community, and share our meals together. Tasty, healthy food prepared by our loving cooks and volunteers. Participants are requested to bring [organic] food to donate to the common kitchen. We especially appreciate people bringing food from their gardens, orchards and wildcrafting. Lots of fresh greens, vegetables, fruit, seaweed, nuts, seeds, sprouts and other tasty, healthful foods. Also organic coffee and teas are a great thing to bring. If you go shopping for your food contribution, organic is preferred.

Our kitchen crew’s goal is to provide a range of food that will meet everyone’s needs. Meals are mostly vegetarian. Our meals are prepared for a wide range of dietary needs, floating somewhere in a median range. We provide animal protein of the highest quality we can get. There is always raw food. There are always wheat-free, soy-free, vegan and dairy-free foods on our table.

HOWEVER – PLEASE NOTE:  We make an effort to offer something in each of these categories with each meal, but we are not able to provide a full menu for each particular dietary concern. If you have special needs, please bring what you need to insure you have enough to eat. You may bring your own food and use a camp stove, but we do not allow cooking fires at campsites, as fire danger is extremely high. We also recommend you bring their favorite snacks and keep them at your camp for between meals.

The Congress supplies dishes and utensils for everyone but we invite you to bring your own.