Kids World

The Fairy Congress has always been family friendly and we encourage children to attend. In general, children have a fantastic time at the event, and are an important part of the community.

There is a children’s area and families are welcome there within certain hours of operation.  We generally offer kids “funshops” in the kids’ area during the times when adult workshops are offered. There are usually craft supplies, books and toys available the rest of the time.  Parents are responsible for tidying up after their kids and themselves. Please help keep things clean!


Parents who wish to leave their kids (4 years and older) in the children’s area during workshops are required to volunteer for one funshop shift (approx. 2 hours). You will sign up for your shift upon arrival, or Friday morning at the parents’ check-in meeting.  You are encouraged to take a look at the schedule in advance and have a sense of which workshops you would like to attend.

We are looking for volunteers to lead activities and crafts – if you have a talent you can share (craft, yoga, sing-along, games, nature walk, building fairy houses, etc), please email Andrea at andreablair [at]

We can also use donations of quality toys and books.

Please arrive promptly after workshops to get your kids in the children’s area. We often move directly into meals, and your kids are ready to eat! Parents with children are invited to get near the head of the dinner line.

Children are encouraged to go to workshops, providing they are not disruptive. Crying babies or restless children should be taken away from the workshops. Circle times are a great opportunity for children to be a part of the greater community and share in the work we are all doing!


Fairy Congress is a place of peace and respect. Children are expected to treat other people, their belongings, their bodies and Nature with respect. We encourage positive, inclusive play at all times.

The main meadow is a kid-friendly area. In other areas, like camping, adult supervision is preferred. Kids shouldn’t be hanging out in the woods or tents alone.

We encourage families to spend time together, perhaps discussing nature spirits, or something interesting you’ve learned or experienced while there!