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Here are links to the most recent newsletters published this year.  We aim to make them informative, rather than a re-hash of marketing info, plus they have gorgeous colorful photos!  Please check them out!!

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Michael Pilarski Spring 2015 Tour

In April Michael Pilarski, original founder of the Fairy Congress, will be giving a series of workshops in 11 locations including evening talks on fairies [1] and one-day workshops on “Wildcrafting Food & Medicine” [2] and one-day workshops on “Lesser-Known Cash Crops for Small Farmers with an emphasis on Medicinal Plants and Northwest Native Plants” [3] (numbers refer to schedule below).

The fairy talks are titled:

The Emerging Alliance: Fairy & Faery Beings, Humans, and Wild Creatures – Working Together for Gaia. [labelled 1 on the schedule below]. An evening talk introducing the differences between fairy and faery beings and the concepts of a four-fold alliance for improving the situation on our common home, Planet Earth. 7:00 to 9:00 pm. By donation.

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