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2017 Recap

Once again, the 2017 Fairy Congress was an amazing event!  Here are two reports, from Terry and Rick.

From Terry duBeau:
We were blessed at this year’s Fairy Congress by the presence of several Indigenous people.  Dan Nanamkin from the Colville Reservation arrived on Thursday evening 6/22 for dinner and entertained us with stories and songs around a sacred fire in the sky lodge till well past midnight!  He was funny and so warm hearted. He spoke in depth of his time and the trauma from the many months at Standing Rock. We all hoped he would stick around. He did – he left late on Sunday. We were blessed by his genuine interest in the Fairy Congress and we loved his two gentle giant dogs – both Alaskan Malamutes! He received a massage, participated in circles, co-lead a workshop, dressed up for the parade – ran in the charge and did the Angel Wash three times – once with one of his dogs! He told us “that this was the most well received he had been on his long journey home since leaving Standing Rock this past spring”. We were happy to help build a bridge of reconciliation and to give him some deep healing love. We hope he will return next year!

Spencer Martin – Se Olum, “the peacemaker” also from the Colville Reservation – an elder from the Methow Tribe joined us on the day Friday the 23rd. He arrived with several friends – his sister Rita, brother-in- law Gary, friend Lindsey and her two children and 3 other friends whose names escape me? They arrived in time for breakfast and the morning circle. Spencer spoke of the importance of
reconciliation and prayer. He joined with Dan and they offered a special workshop by the Grandmother Pine, it was attended by about 25 people. We had a sweat lodge! They had us sit in a circle. We had a “door” for our lodge, a space for the altar and the sweet smell of sage. We were lead thru the 4 rounds in a sweat lodge. We were blessed by Dan’s songs and teachings intertwined with Spencer’s wisdom and prayers! It truly was sacred. Spencer and his friends stayed for the day – joining us for lunch and then heading home later. And of course, we
also hope he and his friends will return next year!


From Rick Gossett:
The sound of a Bullroarer on the You Tube caught my attention.  I began to follow that sound, like following a scent as Wolf had taught me.

I wanted to make a Bullroarer, to let it sing, to give its song away as a gift to the spirit world.
A friend helped me to cut several Roarers out, to shape and sand them.  I used cherry wood from out behind my house where an old one had fallen.  The wood was still strong and sound, and a joy to work with.
My heart sang as the grain appeared and its beauty opened to us.  Their purpose became clear when Sara asked me to help with the teens at the Congress.  The teens were to open the  circle calling in the four directions.  They would use the Roarers I had just finished.
But the Roarers lay there strangely mute.  Neither I nor my friend could  get so much as a flutter or churr from them.  So I took them to the Congress with a heavy heart and plans to use them as some sort of decorations.
The afternoon of the ceremony the kids were deep into retrieving their totems and getting acquainted with  their guides and helpers, when one asked to see the “bully thing”.  Reluctantly I passed the Roarers out.
To my amazement the Roarers began to sound.  Even the younger teens could make them sing as if born to it.  When the time came the teens called  in the Four Directions with great pride and were answered with a Roar.
I felt and saw the pride of the community too, both fairy and human, as the next generation stepped forward and took their place in the circle.
I still can not make them roar.  But then my job as an elder is to  do other things now.
Richard Gossett
Svaha Spirit Lodge

Skeeter’s Fairy Journey

Visit to the Queen of the House Fairies
May 31, 2017

This morning I decided to meditate with my house fairy and my fairy allies.  I had no set idea what we were going to do at first, but once we had convened and upped our vibrations I proposed that we pay a visit to the overseer of all the house fairies on Earth.  My fairy allies led us on the journey there which went up and up into the higher dimensions.  When we got there it was so bright we couldn’t perceive details much but could sense the very big personage of this grand being, which I shall designate as the Queen of the House Fairies. 
I made a speech as to the reason for our visit which I explained thusly.  Would the Queen please make a request of all the house fairies on Earth to give a little more power to the humans in the houses they caretook in the sense of helping the humans evolve just a tad more and at the same time would this help the house fairies evolve a bit also. Mutual beneficial evolvement towards love.  Perhaps this would help the world situation a bit. 
At that point we also called in the overseeing presence of all of humanity on Earth to help with request. Humanity is a mixed bag but we called in the higher dimensional being of humanity.  We also called on beyond-planet helping beings who could aid in this request for mutual evolvement towards love.  These were very big presences indeed. Advisors to the Queen of the Fairies and the overlighting presence of humanity! 
So we made our request and set things in motion.  Every little bit helps.  Afterwards we respectfully said goodbye and made our way back to my bedroom and dimension on Earth.

I am tasked with notifying the humans I can reach that they should send love to their house fairies and talk to them from time to time.  I keep a brass singing bowl in my house and ring it whenever I want to talk to my house fairies which I generally do before I go on a trip and when I return.  Telling them to protect the house. They like to know where I am going and how long I will be gone.  I do talk to them at other times as well.  It is polite to talk to someone at times other then when asking for help.
House fairies are found in most houses on Earth as far as I know and their job is to give power to the house and its objects.  They help things stay in physicality.  An important role, but these days few humans know about them.  One of these years I will get around to publishing Daphne Charter’s book “Perima: the Story of a House Fairy”.  It will give you a much better idea of house fairies and the adventurous lives some of them lead. 
Towards a world with more love and understanding of the spiritual realms.
Michael Pilarski

Where the Wild Things Are: Children at Fairy Congress

Supporting children and teens in their relationships with nature and the Fairy realms is the aim of the Kids and Teens programs. For the kids, providing opportunities to enhance their imaginations and to make friends is our focus. For the teens, learning to listen to their own inner guidance and develop relationships with healthy Fey energies, understanding the place for discernment, protection and boundaries in the other realms and this realm, and experiencing fellowship with other teens is the focus.

The kid’s area provides activities for children who are mature enough to be without their caring adult for 2 hours. As always, we will have planned activities during the adult workshop times. I have two very creative assistants with years of experience with children, who will be helping us.

One of the activities Mary and I are really excited about is that we will be making Fairy houses, hopefully both out on the land, and to take home. If you suspect that your child will want to bring theirs home, please bring a sturdy container such as a shoe box for transport.

Another activity we will have going all weekend is pretend play. I will have magical creatures and costumes available to support the play.

These on-going activities will be punctuated by the gifts of Tina Larkin MFA, an international musician, visual artist and educator who will be doing creative activities with the kids (visit her website at  Check your schedule at Fairy Congress for times.

I, myself am a pediatric occupational therapist with a PhD in anthropology focusing on cross cultural child development. I am passionate about imaginative play. Given my job as coordinator of the children and teens, I will not be able to give individual attention to children with special needs, but if your child needs accommodations, please let me know, ahead of time if possible:

Drop in volunteers are always welcome. Come play with us!!!!

Material needed (we have lots of art materials):

 Dress up clothing

 Magical animals

 Props for making magic

 Materials for Fairy houses, more focused on natural materials.

In the spirit of Play!


Calling All Teens!

I would love to hear from any and all teens regarding what they would like to have at Fairy Congress.  My hope for you is to provide means and ways to tap into your intuition, develop your sense of discernment for creating healthy helping allies in among the Fey. I also want to foster understanding the need for discernment, protection and boundaries in the other realms and this realm. These sources of support can be of considerable value to you as you navigate your changing roles in your family, discern your peer and love relationships, and plot a course for your life’s work.

What I want to know is; what do you want, how can I be of support to you?

I also hope that you have a lot of fun.

This year we have offerings from Jenny Jo Allen again, who is bringing back crystals from her trip toTucson to use with you guys. We have an intuitive who does Past Life and Soul Path readings who would love to work with the teens. And we have an elder Shaman who is a story master.

Do any of you want to create a workshop? Anyone want to volunteer with the kids or tweens? Anyone want to organize an all ages capture the flag game or other rollicking activity?

Contact me at

New post from Michael Pilarski

Standard Disclaimer. The following is the personal opinion of Michael Pilarski at the moment of writing. My understanding/cosmology is always evolving and changing. Run this information through your heart and see if any parts resonate with you. Michael Pilarski January 9, 2017.
Dear fairies,
Thank you, thank you, thank you – for all your ministering to the beautiful world of nature we see all about us.  When poets refer to “Enchanted Nature”, they do but speak the truth.  Fairy beings of innumerable types animate and assist all beings, processes and objects of Nature.  As Cicely Mary Barker portrayed in her many books on Flower Fairies, each plant has its special fairy. Cicely Mary Barker’s fairy illustrations are anthropomorphic, cute, ‘Tinker Belle type’ portrayals, but none-the-less, they capture a spiritual truth. Nature is inhabitated by numerous fairy beings.  Each plant has its fairy as does every animal, every life-form, every stream, every cloud, every flame, every aspect of Nature even the rocks and things we call inanimate objects.
This larger truth has implicit with in it multitudes of fairy beings of all scales and intelligences living at a plane of vibration that few humans can see into at this time. There are many levels of fairies working with plants. A plant is not a fairy. A plant is its own being. Fairies work with plants, but are not plants themselves.  Just as a human gardener is not a cabbage plant. It would be apt to call the nature fairies ‘gardeners’ since they tend to plants, oversee their development, help generate the morphic field the plant grows into and are conduits of spiritual power to the plants. There is a sense of mediating various solar and stellar rays to the plants.
I am looking at Cecily Mary Baker’s drawing of the Horse Chestnut Fairy. The cute, boy fairy has iridescent dragonfly wings, green and brown medieval clothing with  leggings and a helmet made of a horse chestnut hull.  The picture conveys the idea of a horse chestnut fairy that lives in that particular tree.  According to fairy lore there are fairies assigned to trees and also to groves of trees. Beyond that there are valley fairies and mountain fairies who oversee many groves of trees. A network of nested hierarchies. Beyond this there is also a Horse Chestnut Deva who oversees all horse chestnut trees in the world. Through any single horse chestnut tree, this deva can be contacted by people who have developed the necessary spiritual skills. 
That is one of the paramount reasons people come to the Fairy & Human Relations Congress.  It is to increase their capacity to reach into the fairy realms. To learn how to see, sense and feel them. Beyond simple awareness we want to cultivate ways to communicate, collaborate and cooperate with fairy beings for the good of Planet Earth.  This isn’t just idle curiosity, folks, we are building bridges that affect both of our worlds.
2017 will be our 17th Fairy & Human Relations Congress (Fairy Congress).  It feels like the end of a cycle. 2018 will be the birth of a new cycle if Skalitude sells and we move to a new location. We already are looking at venues in western Washington state.  Even if we move there will undoubtedly be a large continuity of participants.
Let’s have a 17th Year Reunion! 
Everybody who has ever attended any of the 16 Fairy Congresses is invited.  14 were held at Skalitude in the North Cascades and the 4th and 5th (2004 and 2005)  were held at Riversong Sanctuary on the Hood River in Oregon (Columbia Gorge vicinity). Over the years, the Fairy Congress has involved thousands of participants and well over 100 teachers.  Together we have made a lot of magic.  The whole group understanding has evolved and grown. In a sense, you could say the Fairy Congress is a repository of fairy knowledge for the human race.  A subset of the very large numbers of general public around the world who believe in fairies and part of the smaller subset of those who consciously work with fairies.
Out of the thousands of people who have attended the Fairy Congress there are hundreds of people who have attended multiple congresses and have a real sense of family there.  You know who you are. Of course, we hope to see all of you this year at our fairy family reunion.
Greetings to The Sidhe who reside in their faery dimension within the Earth.
Little did we know when we started the Fairy & Human Relations Congress in 2001, that besides the nature fairy realm there is also a separate realm of beings (sometimes called ‘faery beings)’, but more properly called The Sidhe in ancient Celtic tradition. The frequency planes of faery also overlap with nature fairy planes, but they are not the same, just as human and fairy planes are generally not visible to us even though both our realms overlap into physical nature. The Sidhe realms and human, physical realms are even further apart than fairy and human. Fairy and Sidhe overlap is greater than that of human and fairy. Communication and cooperation with The Sidhe is a sub-theme of the Fairy Congress.
Where to find out more?
I find very little credible information on fairy or The Sidhe on Youtube. Most of the credible information is found in writings. In fact there are hundreds of books we can refer to. Some of them are reproduced on the internet, but most are not and you have to read the physical books.  Of course, there are some writings on the internet which have not been published in print. The deepest information is only delivered orally or comes from inner communication.
Books About the Nature Fairy/Deva Evolution and Related Subjects.
In 2008, I compiled and reviewed what I considered the best 60 books on the topic. It was published in the book Forty Years with the Fairies, by Daphne Charters. Since 2008, I have reviewed several exceptional new books, but have not undertaken a thorough review of the subsequent literature. Something which I hope to do during 2017.  We will also endeavor to get all the 2008 book reviews onto the Fairy Congress website.
Books About The Sidhe.
Back in 2008 there were very few contemporary books on The Sidhe with the notable exceptions of books by Robert J. Stewart and John and Caitlin Matthews. There have been a handful of significant books published since 2008 that shed more light on this realm. Here are the ones I know about. Eventually I will add  more reviews.
The Sidhe, Wisdom from the Celtic Underworld by John Matthews. 2004. Lorian Press.
Conversations with the Sidhe by David Spangler. 2014. Lorian Press.
Card Deck of the Sidhe. David Spangler and Jeremy Berg. Lorian Press.
Awakening: Life Lessons from the Sidhe. Rionagh na Ard. June, 2014. RavenSidhe Publishing, Meridian, Idaho. 212 pages. $14.95. To order books:
This book, and its author, showed up at the 2014 Fairy & Human Relations Congress.  This book is the story of Rionagh meeting (on the inner realms) one of the Sidhe, Niall, who becomes a friend and ultimately is revealed to be a faery companion from other lifetimes.  Rionagh channels many life lessons from Niall which are good advice for all of us humans.  One of the few modern glimpses into the realm of the Sidhe. Rionagh will be a presenter at the 2017 Fairy Congress.
The Wild Alliance: Awakening Your Inner Angel & Sidhe. by Søren Hauge. 2015. Lorian Press.
The Chronicles of the Sidhe. By Steve Blamires. 2012. Skylight Press. UK.
Birth of A New Consciousness: Dialogues with the Sidhe. By Jaap Van Etten. 2015.
Elven World: Return of the Tuatha de Danann. Children of Danu, Children of the Earth, Sea & Sky.
By T.E. Pelton, 2012. Self published. 181 pages.
She also has written Elven World Book II As Above, So Below: Time Travelers.
This is a fiction book. A fascinating story by someone who has done her research on The Sidhe.  It was so interesting that it only took me 2 days to read it in the middle of an otherwise hectic schedule. The story line is that a group of the Sidhe get banished from the underworld to the upper world’s surface (ending up in northern California). Some Fomorian giants were banished at the same time for fighting with this group of Sidhe. The Elven characters end up making peace with the Fomorian giants. Lugh the main character falls in love with a human, Maria and they marry and have a girl child.  What would be called a Muggle in Harry Potter language.  Their daughter Aine is a magical child and is able to lead Lugh to a showdown with the main bad guy causing all the trouble for humanity.  Lugh cannot beat the bad guy but Aine ends up winning using love.  An interesting story depicting some of the Sidhe abroad on the world’s surface.  They end up doing lots of good for humanity in general.  An alliance of sorts between The Sidhe and humans. A captivating story and food for thought for those interested in The Sidhe.
You can read some of the story on Tara’s website.