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Themes thru the Years

Every year there is a theme for the Fairy Congress. This is divined by a group shamanic journey, done usually in late September or early October the year before the upcoming Congress.  Here are the themes that we remember:

Themes for the Fairy Congress thru the years…..

2005? How many kinds of Fairies are there and what do they do?

2008: How can Humans be Helpful to the Fairy/Devic Realms?

2009: Coming Home to the Magical Connection of Nature
How do we maintain a co-creative relationship with the fairies in our day to day lives, in our homes, gardens and businesses?

2010: Expanding our Capacities as Conduits of Loving Energy

2011: Bringing our Full Human Magnificence to our Relationship with the Fairy Realm

2012:  Expanding Our Capacities of Love
We hear from the fairies that love is powerful.  They tell us that most humans don’t know how powerful and how huge their capacity for love is.  Nor have we fully developed this ‘ability’.  The fairies and nature beings of Skalitude want to support us in expanding and healing our capabilities to love and to be able to receive love on many levels.

2013:  Igniting Forces of Connection and Manifestation
The time has come for us to consciously unite with our non-physical cohorts and create the reality we want here on Planet Earth!  This year we bring our fully human selves into loving relationship with the fairy and devic realms to strengthen our powers of manifestation in joyful union!

2014: Presence in Unity and Deep Soul Nourishment

2015: Returning Home in Sacred Union

2016: Joyful Alchemy of Co-creative Living

2017: Transformational Gratitude: Creating the Magic that is Needed Now

2018: Strengthening the Webs of Connection between the Realms: Imagine what we can do Together

“Faerie Blood” by Jeremy Berg – a book review by Sara Wyckoff

Fairy Friendly Family Corner
Book review: Faerie Blood written and illustrated by Jeremy Berg
Lorian Press, 2013

“Trust your feelings and follow the facts.” The best advise we could possibly give to our tweens and teens… and to ourselves. In the course of one night, this fictional story of grandfather and grandson explores the complex subjects of death and our relationship with the Sidhe. Many of you may remember
Jeremy from past Fairy Congresses. He is the owner of Lorian Press and Starseed Publications and the author of The Gathering Light and the artist for the Card Deck of the Sidhe. The voice in the book takes a very personal tone of an elder remembering his experience as a youth spending very precious moments alone with his dying grandfather. The book eloquently describes the last moments in the grandfather’s life in a biologically accurate way that is gentle and soothing. Death is not to be feared in this book. The book also opens the possibility to the reader that it is possible for a family to have Sidhe blood.

What I like about this narrow volume which can be read in one setting, is that Jeremy acknowledges the awkward strangeness that accompanies a person when first introduced to concepts of Fey. Using a naturally meandering conversation initiated by grandpa, he weaves many complex topics explored in depth by David Spangler in such books as “Conversations With The Sidhe” and “Subtle Worlds, An
Explorer’s Field Notes” with great clarity and agility. Understood facts about evolution are intertwined with the ethereal, staying consistent with Spangler’s understandings and groundings in biology.

Jeremy takes the reader through the experience of the youth having his first guided meditation to an altered state, experiencing the inner vision of ancestors and Sidhe in a stone circle. I like this book because it doesn’t preach nor take a condescending tone. There is enough information for a tween or teen to gain an expanded vision of the potential doorways between the worlds without it being some extraordinary science fiction/fantasy encounter. For the older reader, there is a simple comfort in reading this book. If you are lucky enough to still have an opening with your tween or teen to read aloud together, this would be a sweet book to share as an opening to more conversation.

2017 Recap

Once again, the 2017 Fairy Congress was an amazing event!  Here are two reports, from Terry and Rick.

From Terry duBeau:
We were blessed at this year’s Fairy Congress by the presence of several Indigenous people.  Dan Nanamkin from the Colville Reservation arrived on Thursday evening 6/22 for dinner and entertained us with stories and songs around a sacred fire in the sky lodge till well past midnight!  He was funny and so warm hearted. He spoke in depth of his time and the trauma from the many months at Standing Rock. We all hoped he would stick around. He did – he left late on Sunday. We were blessed by his genuine interest in the Fairy Congress and we loved his two gentle giant dogs – both Alaskan Malamutes! He received a massage, participated in circles, co-lead a workshop, dressed up for the parade – ran in the charge and did the Angel Wash three times – once with one of his dogs! He told us “that this was the most well received he had been on his long journey home since leaving Standing Rock this past spring”. We were happy to help build a bridge of reconciliation and to give him some deep healing love. We hope he will return next year!

Spencer Martin – Se Olum, “the peacemaker” also from the Colville Reservation – an elder from the Methow Tribe joined us on the day Friday the 23rd. He arrived with several friends – his sister Rita, brother-in- law Gary, friend Lindsey and her two children and 3 other friends whose names escape me? They arrived in time for breakfast and the morning circle. Spencer spoke of the importance of
reconciliation and prayer. He joined with Dan and they offered a special workshop by the Grandmother Pine, it was attended by about 25 people. We had a sweat lodge! They had us sit in a circle. We had a “door” for our lodge, a space for the altar and the sweet smell of sage. We were lead thru the 4 rounds in a sweat lodge. We were blessed by Dan’s songs and teachings intertwined with Spencer’s wisdom and prayers! It truly was sacred. Spencer and his friends stayed for the day – joining us for lunch and then heading home later. And of course, we
also hope he and his friends will return next year!


From Rick Gossett:
The sound of a Bullroarer on the You Tube caught my attention.  I began to follow that sound, like following a scent as Wolf had taught me.

I wanted to make a Bullroarer, to let it sing, to give its song away as a gift to the spirit world.
A friend helped me to cut several Roarers out, to shape and sand them.  I used cherry wood from out behind my house where an old one had fallen.  The wood was still strong and sound, and a joy to work with.
My heart sang as the grain appeared and its beauty opened to us.  Their purpose became clear when Sara asked me to help with the teens at the Congress.  The teens were to open the  circle calling in the four directions.  They would use the Roarers I had just finished.
But the Roarers lay there strangely mute.  Neither I nor my friend could  get so much as a flutter or churr from them.  So I took them to the Congress with a heavy heart and plans to use them as some sort of decorations.
The afternoon of the ceremony the kids were deep into retrieving their totems and getting acquainted with  their guides and helpers, when one asked to see the “bully thing”.  Reluctantly I passed the Roarers out.
To my amazement the Roarers began to sound.  Even the younger teens could make them sing as if born to it.  When the time came the teens called  in the Four Directions with great pride and were answered with a Roar.
I felt and saw the pride of the community too, both fairy and human, as the next generation stepped forward and took their place in the circle.
I still can not make them roar.  But then my job as an elder is to  do other things now.
Richard Gossett
Svaha Spirit Lodge

Skeeter’s Fairy Journey

Visit to the Queen of the House Fairies
May 31, 2017

This morning I decided to meditate with my house fairy and my fairy allies.  I had no set idea what we were going to do at first, but once we had convened and upped our vibrations I proposed that we pay a visit to the overseer of all the house fairies on Earth.  My fairy allies led us on the journey there which went up and up into the higher dimensions.  When we got there it was so bright we couldn’t perceive details much but could sense the very big personage of this grand being, which I shall designate as the Queen of the House Fairies. 
I made a speech as to the reason for our visit which I explained thusly.  Would the Queen please make a request of all the house fairies on Earth to give a little more power to the humans in the houses they caretook in the sense of helping the humans evolve just a tad more and at the same time would this help the house fairies evolve a bit also. Mutual beneficial evolvement towards love.  Perhaps this would help the world situation a bit. 
At that point we also called in the overseeing presence of all of humanity on Earth to help with request. Humanity is a mixed bag but we called in the higher dimensional being of humanity.  We also called on beyond-planet helping beings who could aid in this request for mutual evolvement towards love.  These were very big presences indeed. Advisors to the Queen of the Fairies and the overlighting presence of humanity! 
So we made our request and set things in motion.  Every little bit helps.  Afterwards we respectfully said goodbye and made our way back to my bedroom and dimension on Earth.

I am tasked with notifying the humans I can reach that they should send love to their house fairies and talk to them from time to time.  I keep a brass singing bowl in my house and ring it whenever I want to talk to my house fairies which I generally do before I go on a trip and when I return.  Telling them to protect the house. They like to know where I am going and how long I will be gone.  I do talk to them at other times as well.  It is polite to talk to someone at times other then when asking for help.
House fairies are found in most houses on Earth as far as I know and their job is to give power to the house and its objects.  They help things stay in physicality.  An important role, but these days few humans know about them.  One of these years I will get around to publishing Daphne Charter’s book “Perima: the Story of a House Fairy”.  It will give you a much better idea of house fairies and the adventurous lives some of them lead. 
Towards a world with more love and understanding of the spiritual realms.
Michael Pilarski