A Fairy/Deva Reading List
by Michael Pilarski

Who’s who in Fairyland

Inviting Fairies from Your Home to the Congress
by Joanna Schmidt-Cordell.
We’ve been encouraged to ask you to invite the fairies from your neighborhood to come to Congress with you. Joanna wrote about her own experience…

Message to Humanity from the Fairies
by Elizabeth Saenz, 2013
“The energy of who you are, is not limited by the forms it takes.”

Attuning through Touch Drawing
by Deborah Koff-Chapin
Deborah tells of her experience at the 2012 Congress, and shows some of the drawings that came through.

Messages from the Fairies, 2002, 2005, 2006
At some Congresses, we would have group meditations where everyone would listen for messages from the Fae.  These are what came through in three different years.

How to See Humans: A Fairy Perspective
by Elizabeth Saenz

Building Relationships with the Fairies
by Lindsey Swope, founder of Skalitude Retreat

Some Fairy Book Reviews: Books by Verena von Holstein
by Michael Pilarski

Book Reviews (2015): Anastacia Nutt, Rionagh na Ard and Marjorie Johnson
by Michael Pilarski

An Article by RJStewart in the 2009 Fae Magazine

Where do the Fairies Go?
by Camilla Blossom, 2007

Fairies and Faeries
by Eileen Kilgren, 2009