The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is an annual event held in the Methow Valley in Washington State. The Congress is dedicated to Promoting Communication and Co-Creation with Nature Spirits, Devas and the Faery Realms.

After the 2014 Congress, we received a wonderful letter from David Spangler, one of the founding members of the Findhorn Community and one of our favorite presenters. He says: “I was thinking on the drive home just how wonderful–and I think, unique, as well– the Fairy Congress is. Much more than a conference, it’s a true community that meets once a year. (I felt) a stable field of energy that truly wanted to deliver something of blessing to the world. I felt people were there out of service, everyone participating in an important piece of work. Not that individuals didn’t have their desires and needs as well, but they didn’t feel paramount to me. What I felt was a mature and powerful field of energy that provided a means to gather and hold a plethora of subtle forces and beings, all dancing in an act of service and blessing to the world. It was quite wonderful!”


We have dissolved the illusion of the veil that separated us from spirit and our unseen allies. We have learned how to be present in ourselves and to stand in our power with one another. Now…it’s time to Return Home in Sacred Union. We are returning home, not by traveling, but by realizing that the sacred union with all of life can no longer be denied. Home is where we receive support and nourishment, it is a place of power and regeneration. When we come home to acknowledge and embrace our co-creative partners, we step into a limitless vortex of power and love. It is in this sacred place we are calling Home that the real magic can truly begin.

And of course in the act of returning we are creating a spiral – when we return, it is to a place we have been before, but we have changed so we experience it with a whole new level of powerful conscious awareness.

Reflections on the Theme from Council members:

“Embrace your own sacred energy and experience the calm, confidence and courage of your essence, while feeling the power and expansiveness of Love, in turn sharing this magnificence with everything.” – Shoshana

“The Fairy Congress is truly a returning home – home to the land and the nature spirits that live here, home to our family of friends, and home to ourselves. This sacred union of place, spirit and self brings deep peace, contentment, expansion and nourishment. Home is what we long for and where we all belong.” – Mary

The words “in Sacred Union” makes us feel like we’re more a part of it NOW, vs. “Returning Home to Sacred Union” gives the connotation of being apart from it. I like the feeling of living IN it, which makes returning home more powerful. We are a part of that sacred union, and we walk forward together with our allies. – Andrea

“We have dissolved the illusion of the veil that separated us from spirit and Fay. We have learned how to be very present with ourselves and to stand in our power with another. Now… together we are able to Return Home To Sacred Union with Spirit and co-create what home is, together. It is in this Returning Home that we are able to fully accept and stand in our power (as humans) as half of any co-creative experience with nature, the fay and other humans. It is in this scared place which we are calling home, that the real magic can truly begin.” – Joanna

“Sometimes it’s not about saving the planet…it’s about coming into your own sacred energy and experiencing the calm, confidence and courage of embracing your essence and feeling the power and contentment of Love.” – Bob


This short clip is a montage from a series of interviews with presenters, organizers and attendees of the Congress 2013.
by Kevin Tomlinson, Heaven Scent Films, www.heavenscentfilm.com, copyright 2014